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Forwarded from another list:

Rescues and transport coordinators.
I had the pleasure of talking to Sue last night for a very extended period of time. She is the owner of Rogers Truckers, and started this Operation Roger.
She herself is a trucker also and an animal lover. She is using this network to help transport animals throughout the states. She is a fantastic lady .
The drivers take the animals with them and they live with this driver until they reach their destination. Drivers are given as much info as possible on the breed they are carrying, they try to know all that they can. They are listing vets for their drivers for on road emergencies, And boarding facilities in the event of emergencies. The animals being transported are treated as their very own pet.
We have all speculated that having a network of truck drivers to help would be wonderful. It is not going to work for all animals but it has and will work for many.
Please take some time and check it out. Also you are able to register if you would like to post an animal needing help.
Be sure to go to their topic sticky notes and see their rules for posting. It is not hard.
Now my main purpose is to ask for anyone that can help to send some donations. They ask for noting to help but because they cross so many state lines would like to be 501C3 and are needing funds to help.
This is a very good operation and I think if we can all help just a little we can help her get this dream running a little more smoothly.
Another thing, she told me that when a driver is transporting they are in touch with both the sender and receiver at all times. So you always know where things stand. Please take some time and check it out and if anyone can help, donations can be sent to
Operation Roger
POB 522
TX. 76058
We tried to set up a pay pal last night but since it was a business account we had some difficulty. Once she has it set up she will list that also. This group will be a life saver to many of us and to the animals needing our help. ... _oprog.htm
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How about that... What a great idea and thing they have going. Who better to help transport some animals in need :)
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