"Light a Candle, Save a Life" vigil reaches China!

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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visit http://www.dogpolitics.com for downloadable flyers and further info on how to hold a vigil in your town or city

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My Dog Votes Candlelight Vigils Reach All The Way To China

Last year they were held on the eve of the implementation of Ontario's infamous breed ban - Bill 132, and on the heels of Denver's breed ban.

I could not, in good concience , let Ontario's Bill 132 just happen without most of the U.S. knowing about it, without marking its passage.

Dog owners in Canada were planning a several vigils, and I thought we in the US should stand in solidarity with our fellow dog owners in Canada against breed bans. We need do DO SOMETHING to stop the insidious spread of fear and hate.

Think Globally, Act Locally

The first My Dog Votes Worldwide Candlelight Solidarity Vigils (in 2005) were announced, and to my surprise - response came in from all over the world. Twenty-five vigils sprung up last year, from Washington State to Melbourne, Australia. Dog lovers everywhere could relate and sent heartfelt emails in support, signing up for the vigil - in languages I didn't even know - to bring light to the issue.

For the 2006, the 2nd Annual My Dog Votes Worldwide Candlelight Vigil Against Breed Bans, we have an even bigger goal - to DOUBLE the number of locations around the world bringing more awareness to breed bans, and the killing of innocent dogs.

All The Way To China

So last weekend, when I woke up to a bunch of emails all the way from China ........................

Yup - China

...... no one was more surpised than me!

It seems that news of the 2nd Annual My Dog Votes Worldwide Candlelight Vigils Against Breed Bans has been posted on numerous chat boards in China following the the mass dog slaughters there last week.

Shocked and Saddened

Chinese dog lovers were shocked and saddened at the mass dog killings- and began posting their feelings on the Internet. They wanted to commemorate the loss of these innocent dogs - and I received numerous emails asking how they could help. One woman emailed that she has 300 people attending her local vigil, and as of today, there are now several My Dog Votes Candlelight Vigils planned for 3 major cities in China.

Imagine that - all the way to China. What is most striking, is that when it comes to dogs, we know no borders, but we are bound together - in a most unusual and unifying way - by the love we feel for our dogs.

Take heart, my friends - and then take a stand for innocent dogs around the world, and join

The 2nd Annual My Dog Votes Worldwide Candlelight Vigil Against Breed Bans

Portsmouth, NH
Cookeville, TN
Rhinebeck, NY
Richland, MS
Cottonwood, AZ
Ridgeland, SC
Vandercook Lake, MI
Northport, ME
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Monticello, IA
Greeley, CO
Birmangham, AL
Seattle, WA
Lake Worth, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Punxsatawney, PA
Englishtown, NJ
Kunming, Yunnan, China
Beijing, China
Changsha, Hunan, China
Fall River, MA

To join, send an email to: info@mydogvotes.com

Include Your Name of Group Name
Vigil Venue (home, park, city hall, etc.)
City/State/Province/Country/Postal Code
Light a Candle, Save A Life

Download the organizers flyer here:

USA Download MDV.US.VigilFlyer.pdf
CANADA Download MDV.Canada.VigilFlyer.pdf
ALL OTHER COUNTRIES Download MDV.Gen.VigilFlyer.pdf
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