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This show is on August 19th and 20th.

The location is 367 Buckley Hwy. (Rt. 190), Stafford Springs CT 06076

It is at the private home of Todd & Joanne Sheehan.

Todd & Joanne are weight pullers, they own Alaskan Malamutes and they had planned an APA weight pull before we applied for APA sanctioning and the APA told us about Todd's pull so we contacted Todd and asked him if he would like to combine the 2 events and he happily agreed, we were worried about the location that we had originally decided on for the show and had asked Todd to help us find an alternative and then he offered us his property!

Please help us promote this show and please plan to attend yourselves, it is important that this show is successful, we need the money to carry through with our wild plans for BULLDOGGERFEST which is being held in NJ September 30/October 1st! We have invited a German judge that has titled his dog in Schutzhund, Dirk Gerold, he is also a decoy and he will be trying out to be a WABA certified decoy while he is here in the United States. Dirk has ordered some German beer steins for us,we will be giving these 4 very special beer steins away as the trophies for Best Standard and Best Classic both days. We will also be selling authentic german food! And of course there will be German music!! Lance and I will be travelling to Germany on September 7-14th to judge a show there so we will have the opportunity to get some German raffle prizes!!

We truly enjoy organizing and hosting these fun events but we really need your participation to make them successful!

There will be an APA Pull at both shows and 2 ABRA conformation shows at both shows. Of course we will have working events if people call or email us in advance to let us know that they are planning to attend and want to compete.

The judges in CT are Marc Godinez from Ironhead Kennels and Erin Eckles, the daugther of the late great Bill Eckles, both are excellent conformation judges and will also take the time to discuss any questions you may have pertaining to your own dogs.

The cost to enter the conformation show is $20/dog/day, dogs must be ABRA registered, if they are not already you may do so at the show for 1/2 price which is $7.50. We will need a copy of the dog's registration certificate from another registry (the ABRA does not register unpapered dogs) a 3 generation pedigree and a photograpgh of the dog.

The APA Pull is ALL BREED and it costs, $15/dog to enter each day.

Showing your dog is easy, it should be able to walk on a leash and stand still, you may use any kind of collar.

The results of the show will be added to the ABRA website and the winners will be added to our points listing page, dogs accumulate points from one show to the next until they achieve 100 points and a major (Best Female/Male or better) and then they are declared ABRA Champions! Each ABRA Champion will have a special webpage built for them and will be showcased on the ABRA website. Each page will have information about the dog, its owners contact information, breeder information, photographs and a list of the dogs accomplishments. Points will also be accumulated under a breeders name so in 5 years from now the real cream will rise to the top and newcomers to the breed will be able to easily see where the great dogs come from. Breeder points will not only be coming from conformation successes but from points attributed to Working Titles earned. So breeders please try especially hard to get your puppies and their new owners to our ABRA shows!

There will be a wonderful raffle draw at both shows, a 50/50 draw and a prize basket for the most dedicated Bulldogger (the person that has travelled the farthest to attend the show)

Here is the closest hotel to the show site, Ashford Motel 860-487-3900
I have reserved 5 rooms for James & Diane(king, non-smoking), Dave & Lisa (king smoking), Marc Godinez (double smoking), Erin Eckles(double smoking) and myself!

Maybe Lance will come with me (we have to find a VOLUNTEER sitter for the kids and dogs!!!)

Thanks for reading this book!!
I emailed this to all of the http://www.dogresources.com/phpBB2 message board subscribers. And the ABRA mailing list subscribers, I apologise if you are on both lists and really apologise if you are on both lists and read this messageboard and some others!!

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I'm going on Sat I think.
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