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Postby lipshipsattitude » July 27th, 2006, 3:45 pm

Our friends Bobbie and William (Sutter Kennels) just had 3 dogs stolen from their crates at her home in Florence, KY. This just happened within the past few hours so please can some of you please post this EVERYWHERE? If we can get the word out quickly enough perhaps they can be located before they get too far. All 3 dogs are happy healthy family pets that NEED to be home with their heartbroken family... We are so worried about them and I know Bobbie and her family are devastated....

The first dog is Easy (CH 'PR' Sutter's Easy Streak of Rvnlft). He is 2 years old, blue fawn, 65 pounds with very striking markings (half white face and white chest and legs). Easy is microchipped and Bobbie is flagging the chip as stolen right now with the Home Again database.

The second dog is Ally (CH 'PR' Intrepids Mad Ally of PbarK). Ally is black with a white stripe, white chest and white paws. I don't know if she is microchipped or not but I'll find out. She's 6 years old.

The 3rd dog is Maverick ('PR' Tarheels Intrepid Topgun). Maverick is blue fawn with white on his chest.

My cell # is (805) 223-5995 if anyone hears anything. I'll edit to post Bobbie's if she wants it on here too. Police are aware of the thefts but nothing has happened so far on that end.

Permission to crosspost this everywhere...........

Thanks guys... Easy is out of our Scarlet and Brutis litter and we really want him and the others to be with his loving family where he is happy and we'll do anything to get him back there.....

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Postby Romanwild » July 27th, 2006, 4:01 pm

I hope they can find them quickly!

I padlock my crates and sometime I think I am being overly careful until I read something like this.
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