Aurora CO adopts pit bull ban

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Postby Maryellen » January 25th, 2006, 8:23 pm

Aurora Adopts Pit Bull Ban
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(CBS4) AURORA, Colo. Aurora's City Council adopted a ban on pit bulls during its meeting Monday night.

The ban is on all new pit bulls along with 7 other breeds.

Under the ban, current pit bull owners can keep their dogs but must meet certain restrictions, including a license fee of $200 and insurance on a homeowners or renters policy of $100,000.

The council said at the end of 2 years, the city will evaluate the ordinance and the number of registered pit bulls involved in attacks and compare it with other breeds.

Before the ban was approved, owners said the proposal was a transparent plot to push them out of the city because the restrictions were so tough. Opponents said only two insurance companies offer policies that would cover the dogs, and it's nearly impossible for renters to get coverage.

Denver and Commerce City have already adopted similar bans, and Aurora City Councilwoman Nadine Caldwell said she's concerned that without a ban, Aurora could become a dumping ground for pit bulls.

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Postby Fear_the_Sheeple » January 25th, 2006, 9:04 pm

:x Stupid Aurora.

Every city is using this stupid "dumping ground for pit bulls" thing, it's rediculous. :rolleyes2:

I'm praying the legal action taken against the city succeeds.
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