URGANT , shelter in NJ is closing and will kill ALL animals.

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The West Jersey Animal Shelter is closing, 18 dogs need to be adopted by January 25, 2006. We want to save our animals and have them go to good homes. Applications, adoption fee, and references required.

We desperately need funds to provide temporary housing for those dogs not adopted by January 25. We are raising funds so that these dogs may be placed in a kennel until such time that a good home may be found for them.

To help save these dogs please make your tax-deductible donation by:

Clicking on the "make a donation button" below
Dropping off your donation in person at the shelter
Sending your donation to:
West Jersey Volunteers for Animals
27 N. Warner St.
Woodbury, NJ 08096

The volunteer group, West Jersey Volunteers for Animals will continue to work with other shelters in the South Jersey area.

Tax-deductible donations to the West Jersey Volunteers for Animals help to ensure that many homeless animals receive the medical care they need, as well as a chance to be adopted into a caring home.

Featured Pets

Our featured dog... Dukie

Dukie is very easy going and loves to cuddle. He loves to play in the shelter play area. Dukie is really just a very nice dog. Dukie is neutered, housebroken, and loves his blankets. He adores toys and chews. Once out of the kennel he walks good on a leash. He knows sit and is very submissive. He would do best being the only dog, and in a cat free home. Dukie has been at the shelter for quite a long time, but his disposition is still great, he listens and is very healthy. Our featured cat... Kitty Cat

I'm just sooo cute, don't you think? So, what are you waiting for? Come meet me and take me home! I am alittle shy with strangers but I warm up to people real quick. I was brought to the shelter in a big, ugly, steel trap by a mean man. I would like to trust people again. Maybe you could be the person to help me do that and I will be forever yours. I have been at the shelter for a very long time and I'm worried. Can you help before it's too late???

View Pets Recently Adopted from the West Jersey Animal Shelter

Volunteers/Foster Homes Desperately Needed
No matter how hard we try, there is just not enough space for all the shelter pets. This is why Foster Homes play such a special roll in saving dogs or cats who would otherwise have been euthanized.

Fostering is a very rewarding experiences. Think about what you are giving back to a dog or a cat that has been neglected or abused or is no longer wanted.You are offering love and patience which they may never have experienced before.You provide a safe place for them to be socialized and loved, you are adding time for this animal to be discovered by a human looking for a life time companion.

If you can foster a homeless dog or cat please contact us at wjvolunteers@yahoo.com
Cat Volunteers: Administer medication, ok for homes,etc... Any help appreciated!
Dog Volunteers: We walk, groom, bath, train, socialize, feed, clean etc... A tremendous amount of work is involved in keeping each dog adoptable. Our volunteers are exhausted. Please help. Volunteers who handle dogs should be at least 16 years old.
For further volunteer information contact Margaret at 856-845-3860 or wjvolunteers@yahoo.com
Help get the word out!
Help us find new volunteers by printing and posting a volunteer flyer at your place of business, supermarkets, veterinarians etc...

Please Help Unfortunate Cats in the City of Camden
Marion Kaplan is an extremely devoted animal welfare volunteer who spends a great deal of her time and personal money every single day to help sick, starving, and pregnant cats in Camden CIty. She helps both strays and those who's owners can not afford proper vet care. She provides food, medical care, and spay/neuter. She is greatly helping to reduce the stray cat numbers in Camden. She desperatley needs both physical and financial help.

Please send donations to:
West Jersey Volunteers for Animals
27 N. Warner St.
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Attn: Kaplan Cat Fund

To physically help please call 609-386-0803. Thank You.


Our Mission:
To care for stray, lost, or orphaned animals and to either reunite lost animals with their owners or place the animal in a new loving home. We promote the spaying and neutering of all pets to prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats and to end the euthanizing of healthy unwanted pets


Contact us...
We welcome and and suggestions regarding our shelter and this web site.
We also encourage those who have adopted pets to e-mail us and let us know how your pet is doing in new home. Any pictures would be especially welcome.

West Jersey Volunteers For Animals
27 North Warner Street
Woodbury NJ, 08096
Phone: 856-845-3860
Email: wjvolunteers@yahoo.com
West Jersey Animal Shelter
1 Griffith-Morgan Lane
Pennsauken, NJ 08110
Phone: 856-486-2180
Email: wjashelter
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