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Postby kayesmith » May 12th, 2006, 1:08 pm

Christa Medder's computer is still down; so she can not update everyone on Panda’s condition. Panda the darling Pit Bull has something wrong with her and the doctors still don’t know what it is.

As everyone knows Panda came from Small Time Dog Rescue and Christa adopted her over a year ago. As some of you may not know, Panda is one of the sweetest Pities I have even known. Like Nala, Layla, and Summer she too was non aggressive and just an awesome girl. We had Panda for a long time we raised her and sent her on her way.

Anyways Panda was hospitalized yesterday. She still has too many red blood cells, and a high fever. Christa is very scared, but is being brave. Christa can not loose this dog; she needs her. And, we all know how she feels.

So, I called the florist I wanted her to know that we all love her and Panda. I ordered a HUGE bouquet to be delivered today. She is getting wild flowers; and balloons. I believe this will be a first for a dog to get a boguet in the hospital. Just so you know, I put a ‘large’ allowance on it; I want Panda and Christa to know that we love them, and are worried about them.

I signed the card from Dead Dog Walking and Small Time Dog Rescue. Panda is hospitalized at Companion Pet Clinic 110 NE 25th Hillsboro Oregon 97124 she should be there through the end of the day today Friday May 12th. Panda’s home address if you wish to send her anything at home is 1682 SE 73rd Hillsboro Oregon 97123 I thought if any other rescue would like to send flowers; etc; this would be the time. Show support for each other we are all fighting such a tough battle to show people that these dogs are worth saving; then one of our own becomes ill and it is just too much sometimes.

Please let Christa and Panda know how much we love them. Like I said we all know how much these dogs mean to us; and the thought of losing her so soon; well, it is just too much. So maybe if someone has some connections up above we can all send on giant prayer for Panda and for Christa!

Please copy and paste and pass this on.

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