Look who Ella sent to us.

Post your pics and vids here.

Postby CinderDee » June 8th, 2010, 4:12 am

She's beautiful & the collar is perfect. :heartbeat:

I know exactly what you mean about a dogless house. It's very hard so I'm glad it's not empty anymore. :hug3:
Enjoy her!
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Postby TheRedQueen » June 8th, 2010, 8:53 am


My Inara is one of the best things that ever happened to me, and she was a "rebound" dog. My heart of hearts, my basset, died suddenly on Christmas Eve a number of years ago...by January, I'd already found Inara on the rescue page, and by February she was mine. I found myself spiraling into that deep depression also...and just the thought of coming home to adopt my new girl kept me afloat (I was away from home for a month...that's why she didn't come home right away). Most of my friends thought I was crazy, but now they love Inara too. :D Sawyer came home not long after I lost my beloved mixed breed, Elwood, to very sudden lymphoma (like Ella). I'm not one for long drawn-out grieving periods...I just can't handle it.

No dog was ever REPLACED...they are all individuals with their own quirks and personalities. Sure, sometimes I'll say..."wow, that was just like Elwood"...but I don't compare or hold them up to each other to judge. But I'm with you...I can't have a hole in my life. I have multiple dogs, so it's not like I have just one. But each time I lose a dog...it's like something is missing from my pack and my life. You have complete understanding from me!

And now for the important part: WHAT A CUTIE!!!!! :heartbeat: She reminds me of a young Score! :loveU: I'm in LOVE!!!
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Postby Ino » June 8th, 2010, 10:18 am

She is so adorable and I love the collar! My best friend when I was very young was our Collie named Trixie and she was put down due to liver problems and arthritis when I was five (I was not told until she was aready PTS, so I felt a total void, since I did not get to see her before she went). I really struggled with it, but my mom saw my pain and took me to the shelter to pick out a cat (they were not ready for another dog- especially having 3 young kids at the time), so I picked out an adult calico cat that needed a home. The companionship of a cat was different; however, Patches did help me a lot with getting through the hard times. I do not think I could handle a pet free household and strongly believe that although you can never replace a companion, allowing a new companion benefits both the human and new animal. It really can help with healing. I would not walk 2X a day through the beautiful woods here if I did not have Ino (and that is the highlight of my day), nor would I have a regular snuggle buddy (cats are more independent) and those are two very comforting parts of my life. I am truely sorry to hear about Ella (somehow I missed the original post), but am sure she would want you to be happy.
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Postby ParisStreetPitCrew » June 8th, 2010, 7:48 pm

Oh Rebecca, I am so happy for you! This post brings tears to my eyes.

We got Piper just a few days after I lost my first dog. He helped me, Phil and Jasmine grieve and heal. I'm so glad Ella brought a puppy to you. She is your heart dog, and this is proof she's still looking out for you.

Can't wait for more photos of the baby.
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