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Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

Postby ArtGypsy » October 14th, 2009, 9:06 pm

I don't have time to pen a good response to this right now...I'm trying to get ready to speak at another rally tomorrow for Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. Anyone want to make a stab at it??
I'm Scared to death that if "Lincoln does it', Our little town will follow right behind..... :cry: :(

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Sound Off: What should the rules be on dangerous dogs?

From Deena Winters' column: On the heels of another pit bull attack in Lincoln on Saturday, City Councilman John Spatz is raring to get going on legislation to deal with dangerous dogs.

A 20-year-old Lincoln woman said she was bitten on her arm and leg when a pit bull ran out of an apartment and attacked her early Saturday near 20th and J streets. The dog was taken into custody by Lincoln Animal Control.

In June, a 10-year-old boy was attacked in Lincoln by a pit bull puppy that got away from its owner. The boy required 30 stitches for bites on his face, head and arms.

In May, a Lincoln woman sued her neighbors to bar them from owning two pit bulls she said attacked her while she was gardening. One bit her leg, knocked her down and dragged her.

At an informal council hearing Monday, Spatz pressed health officials to speed up their months-long process of looking at cracking down on the owners of dogs that bite people. The city already has a dangerous dog ordinance, but health officials are considering beefing it up by increasing fines, citing owners of first-time offenders and other measures.

Spatz is not inclined to wait much longer. He said he plans to introduce some kind of legislation to deal with dangerous dogs.

"I'm going to do something if the health department doesn't," he said.

Councilman Jon Camp also asked health officials to accelerate their process.

"I don't want a police state but ... we've got to be more responsive," Camp said.
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I thought this was what the concealed weapon thing was for. You're out on public property, and a dangerous dog attacks you- use your imagination. As a kid who had a paper route a few years back, living in a small Nebraska town meant dealing with dangerous dogs on a daily basis, at least once. A water gun full of amonia water always meant that a dangerous dog wasn't dangerous anymore. The dog soon had other problems.
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Posted by: CASHEW at 4:05PM CST on October 14, 2009
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Ms. Winter needs to review the records regarding the two dogs that attacked the neighbor. They were not pitt bulls. They were boxer mixes.( more media hype!) I own a pitt. I am a 56 year old woman and he is an 11 year old pitt bull. He has never mauled anyone (how amazing!) In fact he is afraid of the yorkie across the street. How about we take notice around our neighborhoods to the morons who buy these dogs to be cool and then forget about them in the back yard tethered on a short lease after the cool thing does not work for them. How about they get a job, get off of welfare, make something of themselves and find a proper way to feel good about "you". I wonder what the welfare/pitt bull ratio is (?) Do not cheat and use an animal to pretend to be someone you are not and then forget about the animal or worse train it to be mean so you can have an idenity. I agree we need to enforce the laws and make them stronger if needed. Too many of these types of people own pitts because of the ego factor. How about you must have a fenced in yard to own this breed! You must not tie it to a tree and leave for hours/days on end until you need to impress with the "once a month walk." These people should be ticketed also. You should be issued a large ticket/fine if your dog is running loose. That should also be the case with other animals that run upon us when we are walking with a leash. It might not be a bad idea for this breed as well as rotties and a few other to have to be muzzeled when out walking or at the dog park. Nobody wants to see another animal or person hurt unless you are Mr. Vic. I choose this breed which means I need to have the ability to take care of it (not to mention the mentality) I do believe that if there are enough rules in place the ##### crowd won't or can't make all of that responsible ownership stuff work and many people will not purchase these dogs because the law asks for more responsible actions. The popularity of these guys needs to dye down. They are powerful dogs and we as a society have brought these problems about by not enforcing the laws in place and not realizing and acting on the fact that an animal is just that...an animal and this is a powerful animal. There are stupid people in this world that will abuse the right to own an animal and not train and handle it according to the breed. Some areas have banned these dogs which could also be an option as long as the current owners can keep the dog they have until they die. It is not fair to the dog or owner otherwise. If we are all so worried about the pitt bulls running wild why on earth can't the city find the money to hire more animal control officers. Not because someone else should corral the pitt bulls, but any dog running loose. The morons see the other dogs running loose and think it is OK to not confine there pitt bull since he has not attacked anyone in there family. Do you know that after hours all animal controls call go to the police. It never used to be that way. We have a small brown poodle that walks the neighborhood continuosly. He is never confined. Thankfully he probably won't maul anyone! Where is your mom and dad little guy? So, there again. Maybe the city council needs to talk about the laws we have that are not being inforced in conjunction with stronger laws for all dogs that present a bigger threat. Unfortunatly right now in our society one of those is the pitt bull, the breed that I own. He's a good dog and more importantly I am a good owner! I have never tied him to anything but me. I have a six foot fenced in yard. I have signs posted on my fences. I do not walk him after dark...why? ....because of the loose animals in my area. Is that not the ##### for him? He can't go for an evening walk because others won't take care of there dogs and they run up on us. Guess who "Cashew" will make the headline if he eats the brown poodle......thanks for listening!
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Postby Malli » October 15th, 2009, 1:09 am

The initial article reads beefing up the general dangerous dog fines and regulations :| I didn't read anything Pit Bull specific, did I miss something?
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