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Postby chako » September 18th, 2009, 11:58 am ... 27&catid=2

Former President Bill Clinton is backing Gavin Newsom for California Governor. For those who may not remember, Gavin Newsom is the primary reason California now has breed specific legislation. He initially wanted a tough bill that would require dogs to be muzzled in public and owners to carry hefty insurance policies. He also wanted "select" enforcement of leash and other dog laws against Pit Bull owners (i.e., officers would let other dog owners break leash and other dog-related laws with impunity, but they would only enforce the laws against Pit Bull owners). It is only because such an extreme law could not make it through the California legislature that we now have a watered-down but still very serious BSL regime in California. I urge everyone to spread the news.

If you want to support CHAKO's effort to oppose this pro-BSL candidate, please visit our cafepress shop for the new "Bad Newsom" line of stickers/shirts, etc.

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