tried a battery, Call Mr. Yuk!!

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Postby rockermom » April 27th, 2006, 6:34 pm

:o Rocky found a double A battery today. I was out of the room came back and found the battery on the floor with some fluid leaking. Picked it up to find only one tooth hole in it. Since it was left there I guess he decided it was yuky and left it. Otherwise he would have chewed and chewed untill nothing left. I was very worried. Called the vet. I was told to check his mouth that there are no burns and give him some bread and a little milk to coat his stomach just in case he swallowed some acid. Several hours later and he is just fine. Have no idea where the hell he found the battery. Probably in one of the kids rooms where he is not suppose to be. But if he goes in there he usually steals something.
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Postby Purple » April 27th, 2006, 6:37 pm

Typical bully, always into what they shouldn't be!
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Postby msvette2u » April 27th, 2006, 7:35 pm

Whew, I'm glad he's OK!!!
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Postby pitbullmamaliz » April 27th, 2006, 8:01 pm

And it's for reasons like that I signed Inara up for pet health insurance today!!!
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