Noah JRT/Corgi seeks safe harbor (Northern CA)

Postby adoptanapbt » June 2nd, 2009, 11:13 pm

I found Noah on a weekend when it was cold & rainy, which may explain his name. :wink: ... /noah1.jpg ... /noah2.jpg ... /noah3.jpg

Not having embraced my neighborhood's philosophy of "let it loose & it will find its way home," I took him in and YCSPCA was nice enough to sponsor him. Unfortunately, with school being out and everyone going on vacation, they haven't been able to find another foster home for him, so he's back here filling in as Billie's personal chew toy.

Noah is 20-25lbs and about a year old. His little man syndrome is improved now that he's neutered and after having 2-3 females at a time all twice his size whip the tar out of him for the last month. My best guess is Jack Russell terrier/corgi mix, which is not as scary a mix as it sounds. He's drivey, but distractable and he's rather a wimp for a JRT mix. He is fine with my two cats, but was apparently a horror with my friend's dog-aggressive cats. Noah is currently in group obedience classes and has improved measurably in 2 weeks from wanting to take on all dogs to realizing that is not acceptable behavior.

Noah would do best with a doggy companion to help him burn energy or at least an active owner. We are currently working on his food guarding, so homes with children will have to be considered individually. He really is a charming fellow, and this from someone who doesn't like small dogs or JRTs in particular, so take that for what it's worth. :smileUp:
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