Bay (pittie)- Urgent need (Ohio area)

Postby LMM » February 26th, 2009, 10:09 am

I received this email asking for my help this morning. The only thing I can do at this point is crosspost and I feel terrible about that. And of course, it seems to be a pretty urgent situation. They think Bay was used as a bait dog and she is a scared little girl. They are trying hard to find her a foster/home so they don't have to put her down after all she has been through :( I would be glad to pull her if someone can help her.

Below is what I received:

Bay as she was named by the cruelty officer who pulled her out of the horrible nightmare she was living. She is a young, around 2 yr old pittie who was found by our cruelty officers living in a crawl space of an abandoned house. The officer thinks she was used as bait or maybe tried to fight her but she was TOO TOO SWEET to do so, so they threw her in the crawl space and left her to die. Needless to say she is going to need A LOT of love and someone to spoil her to pieces to help her build her confidence back up.... I just received information below from Sandi a volunteer, she works with all of the cruelty cases. As you know we can not adopt pits out of our shelter so she has no way out other than rescue. She has been fully vetted and spayed.. There would be no pull fee and transport assistance will be provided...Please let me know if you think you could help her. .. Tosha, Volunteer, Toledo Area Humane Society, Maumee, Ohio

Another volunteer and I have both worked with Bay, the little black pittie in the holding kennels. The staff thinks she was used as "bait" but was too submissive to fight. She came in very frightened. She has a few old bite mark scars on her head and her right front leg had what appeared to be oozing puncture wounds which have now healed with medication. Same leg appears to have been broken at one time. We are getting xrays to determine how old the break might be. She walks on that leg with a little limp.

She was very stressed when I took her into the auditorium for some R&R and to let her just "chill out" while I worked on some mailings. She forgot to be scared for a minute and she actually came over to the blanket on her own, and then I finally just scooped her up into my lap. She loves having her face, eyes and ears rubbed gently. She is going to need a lot of work but has already made some progress.

When Marilyn had her in the auditorium for a couple hours, she paced and then finally settled down again. M. said that while still afraid, she was much quicker to settle down and again later in that day, she was back in the auditorium and she went pretty quickly to her blankets. I will try to get in early this coming week Mon or Tue to spend more time with her. She shows no aggression and will take a treat (hot dog slice) if I put it on the floor. I am worried about her altho she has shown progress, but I don't know if it will be enough. She just seems to cry out to be held and protected.

If the supervisor doesn't think it will stress her out too much, I hope to be able to give her a nice soothing bath next week. Her coat is very dirty and I'm sure it will help to make her feel much better. I know she can be beautiful. I will keep you posted and let you know how she turns out. I'll send another update in the beginning of next week. Let's keep her in our prayers! I can't imagine what this little dog has been through but we can keep trying to work with her as long as possible. We put the blankets under the table near our feet so she feels "safe".

When I went into her kennel to say goodbye to her before I left the shelter, she was laying on her side on her bed and as I gently stroked her she was falling asleep.


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Postby amazincc » February 26th, 2009, 5:23 pm

She is so pretty. :heartbeat:
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