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Postby bullyboi » April 15th, 2006, 7:49 pm

Before i was taking cali out these lady and this guy walked past my house when i had cali on leash in ym driveway and they were pushing baby strollers and they wouldnt take there eyes of cali lol and then i just waited for them to turn the corner.

Well i started out walking cali and i was walking down to were she goes and does her you know wat. Well i had her on the grass and thiss really little girl was going by on her bike and ended up turning right up to us and she started to go and was staring at her. Well i told her you can pet her if you want and then girl was sitting on her bike and she was petting her, and cali was sniffing her and then i saw cali wanted to jump up on the girl so i made her sit and then she tryed to lick the girs face and then i pulled her away because the girl was so small and i did not want her to fall off the bike and then after that i was walking her and some guy was walking with these two women and then cali went to sniff his hand and he like swung it behind his back like she was going to bite him. His dumb@## should have moved away from were i was standing with her. Well yea just thought i would tell people. I was happy she did so good.
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Postby bullymommy » April 15th, 2006, 11:39 pm

people are stupid sometimes!!!! my hubby is a truck driver and he switches between what dog to take hannah is a fell terrier am staff mix and my chubbers is a pit (in the off chance you didnt know) well we have worked with chub to be nice and not jump and all that jazz. when dan has him on the truck with him dan (i swear) calls me everynight with at least one stupid person report. the good outweighs the bad!!!! and we always get wow hes such a good boy when we take him to our petsmart!!! but i am just waiting for the day that i can go off on someone with all the facts in my bitchy way!!!!!!
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Postby cheekymunkee » April 16th, 2006, 1:02 am

That's nice that she was sweet to the little girl. That makes all the bad experiences seem insignificant.
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Postby bustersmama » April 16th, 2006, 10:52 am

Just a word to the wise - I wouldnt let a kid I didnt know pet my dog. As you know people are DUMB.

My bad experience stemmed from Buster and I walking one day and this little girl came up and asked if she could pet my dog. I told her she would have to ask her Mom, so she ran to the door and ran back out saying she could. Of course I told her she could go ahead and pet him and Buster rolled onto his back for some loving. The girl was laughing/squeaking and her mom came running out screaming at her to get away from that dog. The girl obliged and the woman came up to me and asked what kind of dog Buster was and I told her. She said "I thought so..." and made some "OMG - my daughter almost died face" (meanwhile Buster is in a sit with his tail going 19,000 wags per minute) and walked off. I see that girl sometimes and I can tell she wants to meet him again - but that wont happen. I actually talk to the parent myself or I deny the kid.

Point is - that parents can/tend to overreact and if Cali did ANYTHING that remotely looked like she was going to leave a mark on the girl - people could freak out. All of us know that when someone screams "Pitttt Buulllllll!!!!" they might as well be screaming "Rabid TIGER!!"

I wouldnt let Cali meet any children without getting their parents okay about it. People are idiots and will act like idiots without fail.

I just dont want to see you or Cali get blamed for anything. JMHO.
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Postby bullyboi » April 19th, 2006, 6:44 pm

Yea you might be right, i guess they could make a big deal out of it. That is sad about the mom, people are so stupid when it comes to "pit bulls" :?.
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Postby PittieLove » April 19th, 2006, 6:50 pm

that must ave been annoying!
im glad she was so kind to the little kid!!! Just another killer :rolleyes2:
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