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This was posted on a now defunct message board by Steph, some very good information here that should not be lost.

If there is blood in an animal's urine or if they are having
complications in releving themselves, the first stop before doing anything
else is to the vet's office for a urine sample test.

The first step, I think, for treating urinary infection issues is to
determine possible causes. Has the pet been left in a crate or room for a
long amount of time - unable to go out to go potty? Any change in food or
new treats? Are there other health issues going on? Any new stresses?

Plenty of water!
Along with having fresh water available at all times, get the affected
pet to take in even more fluids. make it a game for yourslef - see how much
water you can get the pet to take in. (NO Gatorade-type fluids, sugar will
make things worse... just good ole' water.)
Some dogs will take ice cubes as treats. Offer a bowl of ice cubes,
toss them along the floor... see if you can get the pet interested in eating
the ice. Once they are, offer as much as they will take.
Try mixing a small amount of chicken broth into the water. Go very
light on the the broth, as most chicken broth is very heavy in salt.
Try covering icecubes with olive oil... or nutri-cal

(can be found in capsule form)
Cranberry extract, Blueberry extract, Goldenseal, Oregon Grape,
vitamin C
Oil of Oregano
1 Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a day

Cephelexin 200mg twice a day. Can be bought here Revival
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