Second time in a couple weeks - Rochester Attack

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

Postby aophoto » September 10th, 2008, 10:51 pm

And here we go again in Rochester. I know I don't live there anymore, but still keep up with the news. This sounds like it's unfortunate the woman got hurt, but not the dogs fault, or bad ownership. ... 1/80910059
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Postby LMM » September 11th, 2008, 11:37 am

UGH. The more stories that crop up, the more I get worried about BSL in our area. I'm pretty sure we have laws on the books that prohibit BSL but with the right politician and a hair up their azz, that can all change in an instant.
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Postby gmorales » September 11th, 2008, 9:32 pm

How long will the pitbulls be quarantined? How extensive were the injuries to the poor woman? Our friends are always sensationalized, no matter what part of the world this takes place in.
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