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FROM: Jeanette Allard

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a kind soul and Pitbull rescuer to help a friend of mine.
She owned a kennel and someone abandoned Mattie there. Sharon took Mattie
home. Now, she has cancer. She had to close her business and finances are
a big issue. Also, its hard for her to function with chemotherapy. She
needs to place some of her dogs. This is a person who boarded rescue dogs
at her kennel for free.

Mattie is about 3-4 years old, black and white and very sweet. She has some
dog aggression but, when scolded, she stops her growling immediately and
does not repeat the behavior (with the same dog). She has no people
aggression and is quite sweet. Our rescue will cover her vetting (Mattie
wasn't spayed by her previous owner). We are in VA. If an interested
rescue is out of the area, we can work out transport. I hope someone can
help this person who has helped so many. We have had her on our site for a
while and think, at this point, she would have a better shot at a home with
a purebred rescue (we are all breed). Thank you for listening.

Jeanette Allard
Dogs Deserve Better
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