Sacramento, CA Pit Bulls Killed By Cops Linked To Previous A

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Pit Bulls Killed By Cops Linked To Previous Attack
Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ¯ Two pit bulls are dead and their owners are behind bars after authorities tried to catch a pair of alleged robbers, and now detectives are connecting the dots to a pit bull attack that happened almost a month ago.

Parts of the Motel 6 on College Town Drive in Sacramento are still soaked with blood from the two pit bulls and their victim, a maintenance worker.

Investigators were serving a warrant here for 41-year-old Cynthia Peters and 43-year-old Mark Parr for allegedly robbing an 80-year-old woman near a Bel Air grocery store on Arden Way.

"When the detectives went to the room, coincidentally, a maintenance worker was walking past the room," said Sacramento County Sheriff's spokesman Tim Curran. "As detectives knocked on the door, the door opened and two large pit bulls raced out of the room and attacked the worker."

Police say one dog locked onto the victim's arm, and the other on his leg. Detectives shot the dogs multiple times.

Those dogs, according to authorities, were ordered by Cynthia to attack a SMUD worker who was there to shut off her electricity about one month ago. The dogs were taken to an animal shelter for destruction, but the day before they were scheduled to be euthanized, someone broke into the center and set them free.

Detectives received information that the two suspects were staying in the motel, leading to Wednesday's incident. Both Peters and Parr were arrested and are facing multiple charges, from robbery to utilities theft.

The victim is in serious condition and is expected to survive.

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