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Hall County looks into pit bull ban

(8/05/2008) By Robert Price - A growing number of Nebraska cities are considering bans on pit bulls. Osceola has one. Hastings, Holdrege, and Omaha are all looking into it. Could Hall County be next?

Hall County officials will not use the word "ban", but they do want to see more regulation of these animals.

Tuesday the Hall County Board of Supervisors heard from man whose wife was attacked by two pit bulls.

He is asking the county to ban the dogs, calling them vicious and unpredictable.

However, pit bull owners said the dogs are unfairly targeted and stereotyped.

It was along a stretch of Stolley Park Road where two pit bulls attacked Tim Garrison's wife.

"The one that was chained broke its chain, the puppy followed the adult dog over to the road and one grabbed ahold of each leg," said Garrison.

He calls his wife's injuries minor, mostly bruises, but Tim wants the dogs gone.

In the past week he has collected 25 signatures from neighbors who feel the same way.

"I do not want to see this happen again, I do not want to see this happen to a child," said Garrison.

Catie Sanders owns 4 pit bulls. She said they make a great family dog and should not be singled out as vicious.

"It is unfair to the responsible owners and the good dogs," said Sanders. "Any big dog can bite, any little dog can bite."

The County Supervisors have asked their lawyers to see what action the county can take under state statute.

"There are some penalties that are relative to after the fact, but are there actions that the board can take to actually help prevent this from occurring," said Hall County Supervisor Jim Eriksen.

But board members insist they have no agenda.

"I do not think at this time the board has any pre–conceived action they want to take," Eriksen said.

"The best solution is to focus on the owners and not the dogs. It is not the dogs that are bad, it is the owners," said Sanders.

"They do not belong in our neighborhood and they are a safety concern," Garrison said.

"I will not ever get rid of my dogs. A ban will not make that happen," Sanders said.

The Hall County Supervisors will take this issue up again at their next meeting in two weeks after consulting with their lawyers.

Pit bull owners News 5 has spoken to in the last few weeks all say if a pit bull ban ever went into effect, they wouldd actually move to a different city.

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