Altoona, PA Officer Who Shot Vicious Dog Didnt Overreact

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Postby cheekymunkee » August 10th, 2008, 1:13 am

Chief: Officer Who Shot Vicious Dog Didn’t Overreact
By Chris Forshey
Aug 5, 2008, 07:57

Altoona’s top cop says an officer was justified in using lethal force to control a dangerous dog last week.

It happened Friday afternoon along North 13th Street in the area of the Memorial Pool. Police Chief Janice Freeling tells WRTA News that pitbull-boxer mix named Heff was threatening the public and officer who tried to capture it. Freeling says when the dog went into attack mode, the officer had no choice but to shoot it.

Freeling says the pitbull-boxer mix was one of three dangerous dogs reported to be running loose together. A second pitbull ran away from police when they arrived on scene. Freeling says the officers interviewed several people, who all said the dogs had been acting viciously.

But Nicholas Paulcolabove says Heff never threatened anyone. He says the police overreacted. Freeling says the officer followed proper protocol. She says those who own aggressive dogs need to do a better job keeping them secured and away from innocent people.

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