Aiken, SC Master of Fox Hounds criticizes animal rights grou

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Master of Fox Hounds criticizes animal rights groups
8/4/2008 11:10 PM

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Epp Wilson is hardly ambivalent about his feelings for national animal rights organizations.
He really doesn't like them.
One of three Masters of Fox Hounds at Belle Meade Hunt in Thomson, Ga., Wilson spoke to Rotary Club of Aiken members Monday.
Many of the animal rights organizations "are based on hate, fear and emotional deception, not on animal welfare," said Wilson. "There's been no other movement that has brought as much violence and destruction and vandalism."
Local humane societies "are the good guys," said Wilson. It's the large national programs, he contends, that want America "to be petless and meatless."
Trapping, hunting and fishing are all legal activities that are a part of history and heritage, Wilson said. Sportsmen contribute money to maintain wildlife areas, he said.
Following the imprisonment of former Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick on dog-fighting charges, Wilson was surprised by what he described as the scope of legislation that emerged from state lawmakers.
"Dog-fighting is a bad thing. Nobody disagrees with that," he said. "But beagles hunting rabbits? Fox-hunting? All this would have been legislated out of existence in Georgia. We got word changes to strengthen the language about dog-fighting without affecting our ability to have hunts."
Wilson claims animal rights organizations have raised $133 million. They're targeting children with their messages "and they are winning," he said.
"We're easy pickings," Wilson said. "People don't understand what we do."
He's involved in efforts to expose the agenda of animal rights organizations, he said.
"Animals are a part of our lives, and we're obligated to take care of them," Wilson said.
"Ninety-nine percent of people do that. Our message to children is that we live with animals. We love them, wear them and eat them. We had ham for lunch. That's a part of life."
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