Stayton, OR Stayton Neighbors Want Dog Removed

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Postby cheekymunkee » August 1st, 2008, 10:52 pm

Neighbors: Dog Responsible For Cat Killings
Stayton Neighbors Want Dog Removed

POSTED: 8:11 am PDT July 31, 2008
UPDATED: 8:39 am PDT July 31, 2008

STAYTON, Ore. -- Pet owners in a Stayton neighborhood said Wednesday that a dog is responsible for two recent cat killings in the area.

Neighbors said they want the pit bull-boxer mix removed from the neighborhood. The dog owners said they've agreed with police to keep the animal on a leash at all times, but the cat owners said it's little consolation.

Wendy Pease said her cat died after it was attacked by the dog. She fears for the neighborhood's other pets, as well as children.

"The dog was running at large and it was a pit bull," Pease said. "My friend (had) seen it all happen and when he tried to get the dog away, he says it looked like it was going to charge at him."

Pease said the dog attacked again Tuesday, killing the cat of another neighbor. Belinda Ayers said she didn't see the attack, but she's certain it was the pit bull-boxer mix that is responsible for her cat's death.

"I'm very upset; I want something to be done because I'm not happy," Ayers said.

The dog's owners said no one has been able to accurately identify the dog as responsible for the cat killings. Christi Rinerson said the dog broke loose a couple of times, but she insists the dog isn't dangerous.

"The worst he'll do is probably beat you to death with his tail because of happiness," Rinerson said.

Rinerson said higher and sturdier fences are planned for around their house. The cat owners, however, still want the dog removed from the neighborhood.

"How many other cats and animals do we have to lose before they actually get rid of the dog?" Pease said.

Stayton police said they're investigating both cases. They said they issued a citation and a $500 fine to the dog owners for the death of the first cat. However, they said there's not enough evidence to prove the second cat died from a dog attack.

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Postby airwalk » August 2nd, 2008, 10:10 am

Yet another case of hysteria..because it must have been the pit bull and the media feeding that self same hysteria.
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Postby gayrghts » August 2nd, 2008, 4:29 pm

What ever happened to suggesting to people to keep their CATS inside???

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