Andalusia, AL Child "accidentally" bit by "unlikely breed"

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Girl, 2, bitten by dog

By Jeremy Henderson
Thursday, July 31, 2008 9:34 PM CDT

A 2-year-old girl was transported to Andalusia Regional Hospital late Thursday afternoon for treatment of injuries received during an attack by a family pet.

According to Andalusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams, the girl, whose family resides in the Ashley Pointe subdivision, was visiting friends of the family in the Woodland subdivision when the attack occurred.

"It appears the child got down in the dog's face and the dog nipped her," Williams said.

"The dog is up to date on its shots and the dog was inside a home. There are no issues with dog running free without a leash."

No criminal charges are being held against the owner of the dog, according to Williams, but the dog is currently being held for observation.

"Even though all shots are up to date the dog had to be quarantined because it has bitten a person," he said. "It will be held under observation for 10 days at the Andalusia Animal Clinic and then released.

"This is just an unfortunate incident where a child has been bitten and injured," he added. "It was not a vicious attack. It was not a pack of dogs. It was an isolated incident that occurred within a residence."

According to the APD, the young girl received substantial lacerations to her upper and lower lip after the dog bite her face, but an unlikely breed of dog produced the injuries.

"The owner of the dog and the family of the child are all close friends," Williams said. "The child's family was apparently visiting. The dog, an Irish setter, is not a vicious dog by any means. It simply appears the child agitated the dog by getting in its face and the dog bit her. It is just an unfortunate event.

"There are no life-threatening injuries," he added. "She will probably receive some stitches and then be sent home." ... news03.txt

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