Urgent! Sweet, deaf, intelligent Palomo running out of time!

Postby HappyChick » July 18th, 2008, 8:50 pm


Date: Jul 17, 2008 1:38 AM
If you are able to help PALOMO (A234450), please call adoptions at 626/792-7151 x137 or Mary at x121 or Ute at x117 IMMEDIATELY.

You can also e-mail Mary at adoptsup@phsspca.org or Ute at ute@phsspca.org during after hours.

Subject: My Last Plea for PALOMO - DEAF Pit Puppy Turned in by Owner Who Failed to See How Special He Is

My sweet PALOMO was surrendered to the shelter for not getting along with the prior owner's dog who was kept outdoors at all times~~ This is so hard to believe as he has been friendly with every dog he's met at the shelter~~~ I've been walking him everyday and wow, this smart boy is incredibly in tune with his handler~~~ Palomo walks next to me on leash making eye contact constantly~~~ He already knows the hand signal for sit and he would love to learn more as he is eager to please~~~ He is a loverboy who will do really well in a home with a special patient loving family who understands his needs and will continue to socialize him~~~ For a 7 months old puppy, he is very calm and mellow, except for when he perks up to spend time with other playful dogs~~~ Palomo especially enjoys spending time with his friend, a spayed playful 11 months old pit who has shown him it's fun to play with toys~~~ They play bow, hop side to side, and have a blast together
~~ And then when he's back alone in his kennel, you'll find him flopped over with a big smile trying to work the crowd~~~ Certainly worked on me! His innocent eyes melts my heart each time~~~ Such a sweet-natured guy with an amazing disposition~~~ Please watch happy Palomo literally look up at me for assurance in this video:


Thank you for helping me network this bundle of joy

Ryoko Matsui
Rescue Contact
Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA
361 South Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
Tel 626-792-7151/Fax 626-792-3810


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