Sahara at Hot Water Rescue, CT

Postby Marinepits » July 4th, 2008, 6:40 pm

I met this lovely young lady today at my local PetCo -- she's a wonderful dog and is very sweet with people. I did not get to see her interact with other dogs, but I bet she'd do okay with a proper introduction and some time to get used to other dogs.

Her foster mom and dad have done an amazing job getting her back to a healthy weight and her skin looks fantastic. She had a raging case of demodex mange and lost all of her hair. It's now growing back and she's a beautiful light blonde brindle.



Here's her link and story:

We received a message from an anonymous caller asking us to please rescue Sahara. The urgency in the caller’s voice was bone chilling. We knew we needed to help but feared we might be too late. Sahara was found on the streets of an inner city where most dogs especially those mixed with American Pit Bull Terrier do not stand a chance. She was then brought to the local kill-shelter where she was given a couple of days (or less depending on space) to live. We contacted the shelter immediately holding our breath as we held on the line waiting to find out if she was still alive. To hear the words "we got her" had never sounded better but the challenge was not over. We asked the shelter to give her a little more time and then sent our closest volunteers over to meet her.

Sahara approached them hoping they were there for her, to give her attention, to show her affection and just maybe to take her home. She sat when told to sit and gave them gentle kisses. Their hearts broke as they took note of how neglected she had been. Her skin was completely exposed, raw and even bloody in areas. She was emaciated, a tiny body of skin and bones. They did not want to leave without her but knew they had to as she still needed a full evaluation, to be fully examined and vetted. As they approached the exit door Sahara stood up put her paws against the cold metal gate and cried for them to come back. Her cry was like that of an abandoned child.

Given the opportunity to bring this beautiful girl into our rescue was like receiving a gift. Before now Sahara has never known what it is like to have a family. Neglected, abused, possibly baited and bred she has never been given a reason to trust. It takes her time to warm up to new people and animals but once she does she loves all the attention.

Sahara is in a foster home with children, other dogs and cats. She loves to play - bouncing around like a silly puppy, goes bully up for some good belly rubbing and loves cuddle time. She enjoys running around with her new friends, the family's M-Lab and F-Pit. She has also spent a lot of time with an English Bulldog. Initially she was unsure as to what to make of the short, stocky, snorting mushy face LOL. But now they too run around in the backyard fetching balls and frisbees. The dogs have a great time playing together, chasing each other, rolling around in the grass… Before now we do not think Sahara had ever met a cat face to face. When she first came into foster she was very interested and the cats were not. She has been chased by them and swatted at. Although she will run from the cats she comes back for more (what a silly girl). At this time we feel it would be best to place her in home without cats only because she is too playful for them.

Sahara has gained much confidence and has become a great companion. Her spirit unbroken by the horrible life she once lived, her loyalty and love for people still strong even with all she has gone through. We believe Sahara to be approx. 2-3 yrs young. She is up to date on her vaccines, has been spayed and micro-chipped. We are still treating her skin and with time she will fully recover. She is a special girl and truly deserves a special home, a forever home she can call her own. Please give Sahara the life she has been so patiently waiting for fill out an application today.

Please contact HWR via email at
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Postby KJS » July 5th, 2008, 3:07 am

As they approached the exit door Sahara stood up put her paws against the cold metal gate and cried for them to come back. Her cry was like that of an abandoned child.

GOOD GRIEF...that gets right to you does'nt it? :(

I hope someone will love this dog as she deserves
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