Sydney's Portraits

Postby odnarb » June 2nd, 2008, 7:01 am

I finally remembered to send them with Nathan to work so that he could scan them for me. I had them taken at Walmart. They came out better than I expected. They were framed kind of strangely, but cropping helped significantly. The third one in particular was pretty bad. Instead of her being centered, she was down in the lower left corner staring up at the light. It looked like she was about to be abducted by aliens.

Hope you enjoy!






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Postby katiek0417 » June 2nd, 2008, 7:14 am

She's just precious! And I love the dress - it's so girly!!!
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Postby Jenn » June 2nd, 2008, 7:35 am

Cute :)

I always hated having pictures made, I could never choose which ones I wanted.
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Postby pitbullmamaliz » June 2nd, 2008, 3:40 pm

OMG I laughed at the alien abduction one (but only 'cause you said it looks like an alien abduction!).

She looks so pretty!
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Postby iluvk9 » June 2nd, 2008, 4:01 pm

I know people always say, "Ohhhh....your baby is cute", but honestly YOUR BABY IS JUST SO CUTE!!!
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Postby cheekymunkee » June 2nd, 2008, 5:30 pm

I LOVE the first & third pics! :)
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Postby LMM » June 2nd, 2008, 9:22 pm

Ahhhhhhh!!!! *that was such a girly sceam btw*

Look at those cheeks! Totally adorable :D
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Postby airwalk » June 2nd, 2008, 10:25 pm

She's adorable and the pictures turned out very nice, even the alien abduction one.
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