Lexington, TN- Pit PUP needs surgery $$ help is needed

Postby HedyLitke » March 24th, 2006, 11:22 am

Please crosspost...... to anyone who might be able to help
Please! donate through Pay Pal for Lucky: fosterd2@yahoo.com

We took Lucky to the Pet Med Specialty Clinic in Memphis this afternoon and got some very good news...the vet said that he could correct the deformation in Lucky's elbows...He would have to go in and "break" the bones and put pins and bands in there and he had a very good chance of having normal use of his front legs. I asked him about the cost and we talked about us being a Humane Society and he said he would have to discuss it with his boss...He told me the surgery usually costs between $2000.00 and $2500.00, but they will cut it 50% since we are a humane society and do it for $1200.00. He said the sooner we could get it done the better , because the younger he is the better chance he has,and he has set it up for this friday...If i can't get enough donations in before friday, we will have to postpone the surgery...Do y'all think it will be possible to raise that kind of money by Friday...I am going to send out an email to some more people who have indicated interest in donating to Lucky's surgery...I have tried to set up a paypal account...I don't know if i did it right or not, i've never done this before...Please let me know your thoughts on this..! .thanks for everything ...prayers and paws,
Debbie and Lucky

Send donations to: Henderson County Humane Society
C/O: Debbie Foster for Lucky
PO Box 243
Lexington TN 38351
731 967-7556

Pit bull breeders set up in front of Wal Mart in Lexington Tennessee to sell pit bull puppies. Some of you may have seen them before.
Lucky, a beautiful little boy with crooked legs, was discarded and taken into Walmart and the Walmart personnel called us.
I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow to see if there can be anything done about his legs. If it is possible for him to have surgery, we will be needing donations...can anyone help?
I am sending a picture. He is only about 5 weeks old.
&nb! sp; Thanks,
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