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Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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MARGATE- Pit bulls are known for their big bark, intimidating teeth and appearance.
Some reasons why Doug Donato wants the breed banned from Margate.
“To protect the citizens, it’s paramount. It is their duty to protect citizens in Margate,” Donato says.
Donato heads the k–9 crisis coaliton of nj and has rallied more than 100 supporters who believe pit bulls are a threat to the community.
“Any dog can bite. Problem is pit bulls are so destructive, one bite can cost your life.
There were two separate incidents on this block this past summer, when one pit bull viciously attacked two dogs.
Now Donato says he's taking the issue up with legislators and wants them completely banned from the city.
“The state has an ordinance that prohibits vicious dogs from existing anywhere in the state and we intend to enforce that law to the max,” says John Swift, Margate City Commissioner.
Swift confirmed a pit bull has never brutally attacked a human in Margate and says the summer attack involved dogs owned by seasonal residents.
“If any problems come up we'll try to be proactive not reactive.
But the D'amicos tell a very different story about their pit bulls, Nio and Lola.
“They are a very gentle breed, there's really nothing wrong with them it's just the people who make them violent, says Frank D’Amico.”
After 20 years, this family can't imagine life without their pooches.
“Why should all of us be punished for one of us who can't control their animal”
But Donato does buy it. “An accident with a nice pit bull who, happens to break loose and attack a child or another dog, you have a problem.”
A problem, City Commissioners have at the forefront of their agenda.
Only time will tell if the pit bull ban will have any bite in Margate.

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