wahoo! First Schutzhund event!!!

Weight pull, Protection, Agility, Flyball... you name it!

Postby Malli » March 10th, 2006, 4:55 pm

I'm going to watch my first Sch. trials on the 24 and 25 of March. I got info via the local club I contacted about training. (unfortunately my work schedule does not permit me to train with them right now :( )

yay, I'm totally excited!!

Oh, can someone tell me what the BH and AD's are??? LOL, they are doing those the day before all the schutzhund dogs and tracking...

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Postby mnp13 » March 10th, 2006, 6:45 pm


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Postby katiek0417 » March 10th, 2006, 7:35 pm

The BH is for basic companion dog obedience, FH is tracking, and AD is endurance.

SchHA Novice Schutzhund obedience and protection
Bh Basic companion dog - traffic sureness
WH Watch Dog
AD Endurance
SchH1 Novice Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience, and
SchH2 Intermediate Schutzhund qualification in tracking,
obedience, and protection
SchH3 Masters level of Schutzhund tracking, obedience, and
FH1 Advanced tracking
FH2 Superior tracking qualification.
IPO1 International Novice Schutzhund trial qualification.
IPO2 International Intermediate Schutzhund.
IPO3 International Masters level Schutzhund.
BpDH1 2 Railroad Police Dog
BIH Blind Leader Dog
DH Service Dog
DPH Service Police Dog
HGH Herding Dog
LwH Avalanche Dog
PFP1 PFP2 Police Tracking Dog
PH Police Dog (obtained through the Danish
Politihundeforeningen, a police dog association open to
PSP1,2,3 Police Guard Dog
RtH Rescue Dog
ZFH Customs Tracking Dog
ZH1, 2 3 Customs Dog

There's more information on:


Have a great time at the trial!!!! :wink:
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