Smokehouse Brand Dog Treats Pulled From PetSmart Shelves

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Smokehouse Brand Dog Treats Pulled From PetSmart Shelves
Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2007 at 7:07 pm in News for Cats, Dogs & Owners, National Dog, Cat & Pet Info, Dogs, Pet Food Recalls & Safety.
By Emily Huh

Smokehouse Brand As of this morning, PetSmart has pulled various Smokehouse Brand dog treats off of their shelves. There have been reports of pets becoming ill after eating the treats, and as a precaution, PetSmart has removed the products. There has been no formal recall as of yet.

Here is what the PetSmart corporate office released to the PetSmart stores:

“Today the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) issued a media alert warning some treat products from China may be a potential threat to pets due to ’several complaints from pet owners and veterinarians of illness in dogs.’ No deaths have been reported at this time. The symptoms of pets reported sick were vomiting, lethargy and anorexia. To date, testing by the FDA and PetSmart Techinical Services has ruled out melamine contamination that might be making pets sick.

For now, we’re going to take the precautionary measure to pull this product from the shelves and contain it in the backroom. Our experts will continue to monitor the situation, analyze samples for a variety of possible problems and ask the vendor to test additonal product. Because of the relatively small number of complaints at this point, we’re not issuing a recall. We’ll provide timely updates as more information becomes available.â€
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Oh wow. We buy our chicken strips at Costco...cheaper.
Geez this is getting insane!
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