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Postby chewbecca » June 23rd, 2010, 11:17 am

TheRedQueen wrote:I'm not trying to be a's just sometimes the trainer part of me comes to the surface...and I have to look past the cute faces to mention what us dog trainers hate to see! ;)

No, I understand, really.
And I am trying soooo completely hard NOT to let his cuteness cloud my decision. As I know there are cute dogs EVERYWHERE.

But what it is going to come down to is this:
IS he a dog that I cannot imagine giving up??

AM I willing to crate and rotate if it comes down to that??? Because I am WELL AWARE that these two have more potential to become dog aggressive than say, some other dog breed.

I KNOW they are puppies. And I KNOW their true temperaments and personalities won't shine through until they are mature adults. But so far, Ophie and Luke both give me what I am looking for in a dog.
Ophie has the aloofness, but lovingness, that I saw in Ella. She's going to be athletic. She's a snugglebug.
And she has the drive. She may very well be my "sporting" dog. A dog I can get into sports with.

Luke gives me what I've NEVER experienced in a dog before: COMPLETE all over body wiggles just at the sound of my voice. He rolls over onto his back just for belly rubs, and if I ask him to sit, he will, but he soon falls over just because he wiggles so much. But he's obedient. He'd do just about any command just because I asked him to (once he's taught the command). He'd make an awesome therapy dog and/or obedience dog.

I see such absolute potential in BOTH dogs.

And if I have to crate and rotate (which I do a lot of now anyway, even though it's not necessary because both dogs adore each other as of now), my house would be perfect for it because I have an upstairs and a downstairs and a door to shut off both levels.
But I have to think about if I'm willing to do that and just how fair I think it is to the dogs.
THAT is the BIGGEST decision to be made as to whether or not Luke is going to be a foster or a foster failure.

I also work from home and am home ALL DAY.
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