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Postby Malli » August 26th, 2006, 2:59 pm

I just wanted to mention that 2 weeks on antibiotics for a skin infection is not standard, to my knowledge. The typical treatment for Staph. infections in the skin is 21 days antibiotics +\ - some Prednisone if the itching is bad and medicated baths.
If you are at all concerned that the infection has not been snuffed out please go in for more antibiotics, it'll save you the hassle of starting out a whole new course instead of just adding on a few days worth...
Also, you could try a Health food store and some Acidopholus for the gas. Acidopholus is what helps in the yogurt. I'd avoid the yogurt because of the suspected food allergies and the fact that it would foil your food trial.

Oscar is all patchy right now :oops: we are dealing with an ear infection AND a mild yeast overgrowth on the skin.
ah, the life of an allergic dog...

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