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Postby Maryellen » February 24th, 2006, 3:06 pm

Super-Sol silently pulls possibly poisonous dog food

By Ronny Linder-Ganz

Super-Sol pulled from its shelves its store brand Super Class Formula dog food, which originates from the same producer and importer as Nutra Nuggets, despite not informing the public that it may also have been dangerous for consumption. The importer of the dog food, CTS, also failed to warn consumers who already had purchased the dog food.

A deadly mold was discovered in one of the Nutra Nuggets Performance series of dog foods, which comes in 18-kilo green bags, a month and a half ago. CTS withdrew the food from stores, but not before many dog owners had purchased it. Dozens of dogs suffered fungal poisoning, particularly severe liver damage, after eating the food, and more than 20 have died.

Earlier this week a NIS 51 million class action motion was filed against CTS. Attorney Amir Rosenberg, who represents the Let the Animals Live animal rights organization in its battle against CTS, called the steps Super-Sol and CTS took "unreasonable and irresponsible."


"If they took the food for testing as they claim, then they have to tell the public," he said. "People who meanwhile bought the product may be feeding deadly food to their dogs. You can't take a product off the shelves in utter silence, test it, and then announce to the public only if you discovered it's toxic."

P.H. of Kfar Yona had bought Super-Class Formula dog food, and said his dog has had severe diarrhea for two weeks, but did not know why. "I felt secure, because I knew he was not eating Nutra Nuggets. Now I learn I may have unknowingly poisoned him with my own two hands."

Super-Sol blamed CTS for the silence. In early January, when suspicions arose that Nutra Nuggets had a problem that could impair dogs' health, the Super-Sol veterinarian contacted CTS and asked for clarifications.

"We were immediately reassured by CTS that the product we were marketing had no connection with the problem product that had been hurting dogs," the chain said. Super-Sol said it contacted CTS twice, out of its sense of responsibility to the public, and had been reassured twice, "beyond a shadow of doubt, that there was no problem with the product."

At any rate, Super-Sol decided to remove the Super-Class product so it could be 100 percent sure that it was suitable for consumption. The chain insisted it was not required to pull the product based on CTS directives.

Super-Sol did not offer an explanation to a question posed by Haaretz over why it had not informed the public. CTS also failed to answer questions as to why it had not informed the public about the withdrawal of the Super Class brand from supermarket shelves.

"Due to our moves in the last month and a half, after being advised as to the toxins in Nutra Nuggets products and after consultation with the Super-Sol chain, we decided to have all the Super Class Formula products undergo lab testing," CTS said. "These products are imported to Israel and met all the standards and requirements of the Agriculture Ministry and the strict standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration. Our testing was conducted only in order to reassure consumers."
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