Suspected dog fighting on Mike Vick's property

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UPDATE - Initial drug investigation turns up suspected dog fighting setup on Michael Vick's property

April 26, 2007 04:48 PM CDT

Investigators were originally working on a suspected drug case when they went to Michael Vick's property on Wednesday. On arrival, officials surprisingly discovered a suspected dog fighting setup.

Animal control officers said this is one of the biggest dog fighting cases they have ever seen. Extra help had to be called in from other jurisdictions to help with the investigation.

"Some had significant scarring. Some had wounds. Some had eye problems," said Kathy Strouse from Chesapeake Animal Control.

Court documents stated that 30 animals were found tethered to heavy logging chains attached to car axles buried in the ground. Equipment used to train fighting dogs was found on the property, including treadmills, chains, whips and injectable drugs.

There was no food, water or veterinary care for the animals.

Agents with the regional drug task force were initially investigating Davon Boddie, who lives in Vick's house. Last week, Hampton police charged Boddie with alleged Possession with Intent to Sell. They found bags of marijuana in his car and a gun under the passenger's seat.

Officials were investigating for more evidence when they stumbled upon the dogs behind the house.


Investigation of activities on property owned by Michael Vick widens

The investigation into activities at a palatial home owned by NFL quarterback Michael Vick deepened Thursday after investigators found substantial evidence that several dogs kept on the property were being used for fighting.

Animal control officer told WAVY News that they found 70 dogs on the property. Most of the animals are pitbulls. Some had injuries and scars. Many were malnourished.

Amidst the evidence found was something called a "rape stand"; a device used to tether a female dog so male dogs can have easy access to the female for breeding.

A State Police spokesperson confirmed that the department was working with a regional drug task force. They searched the property looking for evidence and a person. The spokesperson would not tell WAVY News what the evidence is that they were searching for or who the person is.


Investigators search property owned by NFL star Michael Vick

A search warrant has been issued for a property in Surry County owned by NFL star Michael Vick.

Vick does not live at the home. It is inhabited by Vick's nephew. Police said Vick does not spend much time on the property.

The search warrant was granted by the Surry County Circuit Court. A state task force went to the property searching for a person that they believed may be on the property, but the person was not Vick. Investigators would not reveal the name of the person they were searching for.

While investigators were at the property, they discovered three buildings behind the home that housed several barking dogs.

"When they had a chance to go to the site, they discovered animal neglect," Surry County Administrator Tyrone Franklin.

Franklin said that the dogs appeared to be hungry and forgotten.

Both state and county investigators were searching the property Wednesday afternoon. Several animal control trucks were also on the scene and dog barking was audible.

No further information about the warrant has been released at this time. More information will be available after the investigation is complete.
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