Chihuahua lost and then found 23 days later

Postby SLS61185 » May 18th, 2010, 3:54 am

This story is far too long to post on here. ... tml?page=1

I work at the Cracker Barrel where the dog was lost. I was also workin' at the time she was there. Someone had come in and said they seen a dog runnin' around the parkin' lot. Two of our managers and two of our retail ladies were out in the heat trying to catch this dog. Someone let them borrow a leash to catch the dog and it just kept running away. I had two of the cashiers page (I HATE hearing myself talk on it) the dinning room for someone to come and get the dog. No one came. Sooo we always assumed that it was just a stray. This was all at about 6:30pm maybe?

Fast forward to closing time at 11PM. I'm the closing cashier and the manager is getting ready to take me down. I get a call for the manager. He asked about the dog, I said no one had come back for it or said they seen it and so he and the night maintence guy spent 10 minutes walkin' around lookin' for it. We could not, for the life of us, figure out WHY she waited almost FIVE hours to notice she was missing. Didn't she have to pee, eat or make a noise?! Weeelll I had to work again on Sunday and we had flyers up in the break room. No dog. Work again on Tuesday, same thing. Finally on Friday, a lady comes in askin' about the dog - she had been helpin' the owner. There was always someone comin' in asking about Chica. Flyers were up everywhere for her, too.

They got lucky. Where we are is a high volume area for traffic and what not. Our restaraunt sits just off of I95, the bottom of the hill. Plus we're right off of Route 1. So four lanes of traffic one way and four going the other way. And it'd been cold at night a lot.

Sooooo, let the be a lesson to everyone with animals... ESPECIALLY small dogs and when travelling. ALWAYS have a leash, collar AND tags on your animals, please! ALWAYS check to make sure the animal is back in the car with you before you leave wherever you are! Don't just assume the dog is there with you the whole time, please!

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