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Pitiful and graphic :mad2:

Bridge City Woman Believes Her Dog Was Attacked With Chemicals
Brian Burns

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A Bridge City woman believe someone attacked her dog with chemicals.

And she's not the only person that suspects foul play in the neighborhood.

Our Brian Burns examines what happened and how city leaders are responding.

This report contains some graphic video.

Melissa Dreyer's puppy named "Killer" is not well.

The five month old pit bull has an open wound that runs the length of it's back.

Dreyer says her dog was attacked by someone who poured a corrosive chemical on it's back. "This is cruelty. This is like taking a human being and pouring chemicals on top of a human being and it eating their flesh."

A local vet confirms they believe the would was caused by a chemical but are not sure whether it was intentional or if the dog simply got into something it shouldn't have.

"And I'm a single mother. Trying to make it. Trying to take care of my dog and it's hard. Because I spent three hundred dollars last week, going back tomorrow and spending more money on him to have this checked."

Dreyer's neighbor gave Melissa the dog as a puppy and also lost a young do to what she believed to be a similar case of animal cruelty, this time a poisoning.

Kim Ganze says; "We kept trying to get him up, trying to get him up... he didn't want to get up. And I just kind of sat out there and cried a little bit you know, it's hurtful. He was just a pup, not even a year old. And the next thing you know he took his last breath in my arms."

While Melissa believes someone purposely threw a chemical on her dog, and while this city continues to recover from Hurricane Ike, police want to reassure citizens that there's no crime wave against animals in Bridge City.

Chief Paul Davis says; "We've not received an inordinate amount of reports of cruelty to animals."

The chief says they have no evidence of anyone doing something to Dreyer's dog but, says animal cruelty is a serious crime punishable by a possible fine and jail time.

Dreyer says; "To whoever's doing this in this neighborhood, to please stop. These dogs are human beings. This is cruelty."\

And Bridge City police say to call them if you see or suspect animal cruelty.

Criminal charges could be filed.
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There are sick people in this world. Poor little pup. :(
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