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Postby Emi » January 30th, 2006, 3:22 am

I was just wondering if any of you guys had put up a first toy of your dogs :?:

When I first got Dottie, I got her a bunch of plush toys , and she tore them all up after the squeeky part died , she had a frog left ... which I put up for memories from when she was a little girl ...

Last summer when we went out East I bought her a couple more plush toys , both froggies, and took her kongs with us and a ball ... one of the froggies was exactly like her one she had when she was little, and she still has it intact 6 months later.. the one frog she we left behind in a Motel up in Nebraska by accident in Oct it had lasted awhile to.

Am i the only sentimential one .. or have more of you kept a keep sake from when they were little :?:

Here is a piccy of her and the froggy it's upside down but it's her froggie .. lol

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Postby bullymommy » January 30th, 2006, 4:18 am

hannah has a plush jack in the box that she has played with since we first got her!!! and that was back in may (2005) she carries it around like its her "security blankie" its the only toy that she WILL NOT share with chub chub! he doesnt even try to get it anymore he will see it and just walks by it doesnt even give it a second look. Now chub he demolishes every toy we get him so theres no chance for us to get one for keepers.
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