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Postby maberi » March 19th, 2010, 11:54 am

plebayo wrote:I guess I still stand by the fact that he can house 25 dogs together with little problem yet some people have to crate and rotate simply 2. :|

And you are basing that fact on what?
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Postby DogsRPeople » March 30th, 2010, 10:44 pm

Just my two cents, so don't bite my head off! :P

Me and My wife used to watch Cesar every friday without fail. I've tried some of his techniques including the imitation dog bit to the neck with your fingers. Almost got bit! :o
We still watch, because we love dogs...

Anyhow, what I've found on 3 PB forums I've visited are most if not all hate the whisperer.

I've seen the video many months ago, and just recently again.

He used the same collars the owners have used, and I also noticed the shock collar under the bandanna. Made me wonder if he actually used it. The DA seemed to come only while the owner was present. Is it possible the dog was more Overprotective/Defensive?

Maybe I'm way off, but when my two girls are near each other, and a dog comes near while we are walking them, they tend to be aggressive if another dog approaches. If we keep them apart, and one of us lets them meet the other dog one at a time, then its a totally different scenario. Whether they are overprotective of us or each other I'm not sure.

You cannot tell with video, as most of the filming is probably cut out, but the dog did seem to be fine with his pack.

Just my two cents here.


Now saying all that, what I read is its better to not take chances, as the PB's can do excessive
damage in just a few seconds. We too felt real bad for the other dog(s), as it did start a fight
within the whole pack. I also don't like the fact, that showing this on television only reassures
what other people think due to Media about PB's.

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Postby Malli » March 31st, 2010, 3:31 am

as for the dog acting more aggressive with the owner around, that would probably run along the lines of a little dog aggression and a little resource issue.

Here's my take : I LOVE what Cesar does for the breed. He tends to show them in a positive yet realistic light.

I'm not sure I agree with just how much he seems to focus on sort of overwhelming and overpowering the dog in order to get the results he does; I particularly dislike that he is not forthcoming with all the tecniques he uses to get the results he gets.

I do use punishment oriented training, but prefer to try to convince the dog in other ways if possible, and I rarely see him use a reward. :|
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