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Postby delilahsmommy » February 4th, 2010, 10:16 pm

delilah is a turd she has been such a good girl then we had a few friends over and were watching a movie and she got all hyper like she does and peed all over the carpet she hasnt had an accident in the house for over 2 years but she was drinking lots of water and playing.......she got the ohh crap im in trouble look and went in her crate i figured she knew so i told her she was naughty and left it at that what a turd still though...good thing i have a carpet cleaner :rolleyes2:
oh and update she is doing so/so with the other dogs she picks and chooses we had a dog run up to us yesterday and she was all butt waggles it was on a leash but the owner wasnt expecting us to be around the corner but she is getting better still a turd though
some people just dont get it...
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