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Postby reign99 » December 17th, 2009, 6:17 pm

Malli wrote:you know what though? For some people it isn't all about money. If she was happy with what's happened then I highly doubt she would have chased him down the driveway with a Golf Club.

True, all I'm saying is that in the end she'll have the last laugh. She will be wealthy, independent, and can choose her next partner based on other things (compatibility maybe?). The truth is she chose him based on money/power, there is no way if Tiger was a <insert generic job here> she would have been with him.

I mean her reputation isn't hurt at all here, she was (as far as we know) a loyal wife and a good mom. So in the end, I think she'll be happier long term once the drama passes. Tiger is just a dope for ever getting married, if that's how he wanted to live he should have just lived that way. You don't see anyone knocking Tom Brady or Derek Jeter do you? They are the ultimate playboys and the world loves them. Just don't get married and then do it!
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Postby Malli » December 17th, 2009, 6:45 pm

isn't that a bit presumptive? We don't know anything about her.
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