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Postby cecollins » October 4th, 2009, 11:54 am

I mean really, is the whole world out to get Poor Sully?
Since he has a sore dew claw, Sully has pretty much had to spend most of his time inside and today, he is very bored.
So, I decided to take him with me to the pet store and to the gas station. He was a happy camper at the pet store cause every one fawned over him and he just ate it up.
Then on to the gas station. I always pop the glass on the hatch as I am pumping the gas to Sully can look out at the world and I can give him some lovings. Well, a hornet decided to fly in to the car, Sully snapped at it and I dont know if he got stung or not but he immediately started shaking and spitting as if he had something stuck in his mouth.
He has been stung before and at least he doesnt have any kind of allergic reactions to them.
Poor boy! We came home, he ran inside curled on the end of the couch and is still shaking as I write this. He wont take a treat and looks sad. I will continue to watch him to see if his mouth or tongue starts swelling and I do have Benadryl on hand just in case.
I hope that his Dew Claw removal on Tuesday officially marks the end of "Lets pick on Sully" week. And that we dont have another week like this anytime soon.

Hang in there Sully...It can only get better from here!!! (well after Tuesday, I mean) :pray
Sully's momma!

Miss you, Mick
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Postby Marinepits » October 4th, 2009, 1:26 pm

Awwww, poor dude! Just isn't his week! :giggle:
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Postby iluvk9 » October 4th, 2009, 4:23 pm

Holy crap! This is NOT his week! :shock:
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Postby blinktat » October 4th, 2009, 6:36 pm

I am so sorry! Poor guy :(

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Postby madremissy » October 4th, 2009, 11:12 pm

Poor Sully, Sending him some good thoughts that things change for the better soon.
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Postby Jenn » October 5th, 2009, 11:00 am

Poor guy!!!
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Postby hugapitbull » October 5th, 2009, 1:27 pm

Poor sweetie. Sure hope this week is an improvement.
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Postby Pit♥bull » October 5th, 2009, 2:47 pm

Picking on Sully is no longer allowed.... :|
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Postby cecollins » October 10th, 2009, 3:22 pm

Pit♥Bull wrote:Picking on Sully is no longer allowed.... :|

Thank you so much!!! After what we have been thru since Tuesday, this just has to help!!!
Sully's momma!

Miss you, Mick
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