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Postby chako » October 2nd, 2009, 4:54 pm

Okay folks, National Pit Bull Awareness Day is October 24th so we all need to make the time to REPRESENT!!

CHAKO and Sacramento Responsible Pit Bull Lovers are teaming up to hold a Sacramento area Pit Bull Awareness Day Walk through Old Sacramento. In addition, we are asking that those of you who want/plan to dress your dogs up for Halloween bring your dogs in costume for fun (if your dog is happy being dressed up only).

**If your dog is agitated by costumes it might not be the best idea to have him/her dress up for the event. We need all dogs in a calm and friendly "mind set" for the walk, so please don't set your dog up for failure by forcing cuteness upon them on this day.**

If anyone wants to make signs/T-shirts, etc, that are pro-pit bull to let people know what we are all about (positive representation of the breed) please feel free to do so. Please try to keep your messages "clean" and respectful.

You can purchase shirts to proclaim your pride at CHAKO's store.

We will be meeting in front of the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sac - if you are late or lost please call me cell phone (AMY) 916-502-1004.


#1. All dogs must be on secure "synching style" collars/harnesses (no flat collars please). I suggest a self correcting/training type of collar or anti-pull harness if you like harnesses better. NO retractable leashes! I suggest a 4-6 foot leather leash for any bully-breed. If you are confused about what type of equipment we are referring to you may check out these links. ... ide/A10158 ... lar/A10195 ... arness.php

#2 Please do not come to this event believing that all dogs are as "dog tolerant" as yours. Our group is diverse, we all have varying levels of experience with doggie handling and socialization. What may be a "super friendly" pit bull to one person, may be a dog that will "set off" another persons dog. Research, personal experience, and popular bully breed rescue opinion is that ALL bully-dogs should be introduced to each other SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. THIS MEANS NO NOSE TO NOSE CONTACT right away! Your dog should be able to tolerate sitting or standing next to you and other dogs without having to "meet" everyone with physical contact.

#3 Please bring doggie poop bags. As pit bull owners we are under careful surveillance from people who are often eager to deem us as having bad manners and poor doggie etiquette. Every time you walk your dog you are representing the breed - so keep it on the up-and-up and give people a positive impression of pit bull owners and their dogs!

#4 During the summer please be sure you bring water for you and your dog!

For more information, email dawn @ chako .org

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