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Postby kayesmith » May 9th, 2006, 7:33 am

Ok, here is the back ground. This lady keeps emailing me and even contacted me about my dear hard of hearing Nala last year. At that time she had three female Pit Bulls and wanted one more. She does not have a fenced yard and believes in the 'natural' recall. They do have Pit Bull experience and live on 45 acres. This year she is inquiring about my male Pit Bulls. I do not have a Pit Bull that I feel comfortable placing in a home with no fenced yard with two other female Pit Bulls. I feel she has just been lucky that nothing bad has ever happened. So here are just a few of our correspondants.

Thank you again for even using up your time with responding to me.
Yes, another dog being able to be around kids is very important since I am THE coordinator for our DOG TALES program. The dog has to be able to handle kids of all ages in a public library situation and also be able to adjust to the high pitched whines, chipmunk squeals, and the wobbling bodies tipping over towards them. I am VERY protective of Patches...........she is not a Golden Retriever....and I certainly have been a bit curt with some second through 4th graders when I have felt their body language was not communicating with Patches.

I have made kids lie down, be relaxed think about sleeping, and then I have dropped things on them. They are always startled! I tell them that is how a dog can feel, so if they cannot see the dog's eyes, then the dog cannot see them, so do not disturb until both the dog and then the dog's human have said OK.

Obviously I cannot do a petting demo on this kids at school, but I have pointed out to them that maybe the way they want to touch a dog is not the way a dog wants to be touched......................they really think about this stuff!

I have had some of the best questions ever asked about dogs from 4th graders!

This fenced yard stuff........I would never be able to have a dog that needed one. They are not livestock.
I am 58 years old and have had over 33 dogs in my life and have lived with them in at least 12 different homes. Golden Retrievers, Labs, Springer Spaniels, English Spaniels, Kerry Blue Terriers, Standard Poodles, Corgis, pound mutts, Blue Heelers, Basenjis, Rat Terriers, Bassest Hound, more pound mutts, Jack Russell, Am Staffs, "Pits," and I know I am missing somebody...........
And, the star of the group was Tamarack...a huge Malamute that we inherited from an acid/pot smoking brother-in-law from the Haight Ashbury in SF, CA, and we have never had a fenced yard. We could NOT chase our dogs away...maybe fire works?

We have always farmed and have always lived with our dogs. Our dogs have always lived with us. So why would they leave? And, we have always been so fortunate to have acreage!
What do you mean about adding in a male with our two females? We use to have three females, all Pits, and no one ever left. Do you think males are more apt to roam?
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Postby dogcrazyjen » May 9th, 2006, 7:52 am

Usually people like this have lost one or more dogs to road accidents, neighbors guns, and accidents. Maybe you could ask her how she lost her dogs. 33 dogs in 12 homes in under 60 years? That is a lot of dogs, and a lot of moving. I have 3 dogs now, and have only had 5 total in the last 20 years, they should live to be at least 10. She must have a pretty high turn around to have had over 33 dogs. I do not believe her property is in the smack middle of 45 acres, so what if they run the other way towards the street?

You can always tell her that there are many pit rescues, that YOU are not comfortable with someone without a fenced yard.

That said, I do not have a fenced yard. But I also am VERY careful to train a recall before letting them off lead. And even after they are trained I use a leash half the time anyway, and NEVER let them outside unattended. That is because after a while here I got lazy and I lost one to the road. NEVER again, that was one of the most devistating things I have had happen to me, and certainly the most to my dog. But do you want one of your boys to be the example that makes her more careful?

This sounds like an accident waiting to happen. All it would take is a stray dog coming onto the property to have a problem. She sounds arrogant, and demanding, and being so stubborn I would not do it based on that alone :twisted:
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Postby Maryellen » May 9th, 2006, 8:13 am

DECLINE. i would just decline her and end it, she sounds like she has a bit of an attitude in her email. i wouldnt even take the chance of adopting a dog to her.. its too risky.
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Postby Marinepits » May 9th, 2006, 8:56 am

Maryellen wrote:DECLINE. i would just decline her and end it, she sounds like she has a bit of an attitude in her email. i wouldnt even take the chance of adopting a dog to her.. its too risky.

I agree 100%.
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Postby call2arms » May 9th, 2006, 10:08 am

Yeah, even though trhe no-fencing hippie no-livestock thinh has worked for her so far, then good, but what if that new dog she adopts out actually roams away (he's new to this, maybe wants to explore?) and something happens ?

No frigging way I would adopt to her. JMO...
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Postby cheekymunkee » May 9th, 2006, 10:18 am

She sounds a tad nutty to me. A fence does not make a dog livestock. :|
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Postby pLaurent » May 9th, 2006, 10:35 am

Maybe you could ask her how she lost her dogs. 33 dogs in 12 homes in under 60 years?

That was my first thought. What happened to them all? I doubt if they all died of old age or natural causes.

They are not livestock.

Does she think people treat children like livestock if they have a fence to keep them safe? That's just nutty.

Our dogs have always lived with us. So why would they leave?

For someone who's had a huge number of dogs, she seems to know little about them, if she thinks they make a concious decision to leave home.

Chloe lives happily with me, but I have no doubt she would take off after a rabbit in a second.

She's a crackpot and I wouldn't give any animal to someone who thinks they need to be "free"!
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Postby bridge city bullies » May 9th, 2006, 10:41 am

I would definitely DECLINE this one! It seems like she's wound a little tight.
She doesn't like to be told "NO" and isn't looking out for the well being of the dog. She wouldn't be my 1st pick.

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Postby msvette2u » May 9th, 2006, 11:00 am

Thank you again for even using up your time with responding to me.

I think this attitude would piss me off immediately and I'd decline based on that as well as the thing about not fencing a dog. Hello. Dogs get shot, killed on roads, stolen, etc.
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Postby Jenn » May 9th, 2006, 11:02 am

:crazy: Some people...
I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure....
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Postby turtle » May 9th, 2006, 12:14 pm

Yeah, I'd also decline. Her attitude is off putting and she sounds like she knows it all already.

And what did happen to all of her previous dogs?

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Postby kayesmith » May 9th, 2006, 1:11 pm

Thanks for all the wonderful posts. Anyone that knows me knows I already have declined. Her emails just baffle me. I too liked the line about why would the dogs leave such a good home........duh lady have you been to a shelter lately. I guess she thinks all dogs are in the pound because their people put them there? So many things were just weird with so many of her emails. I tried to steer her closer to shelters in her neck of the woods to only get this response; "I could pull those two Pit Bulls and start doing what you are doing..................." What does she think rescue involves???????Nothing? Yep, you got two females why don't you start bringing in more females and they can all run at large and have a great time! :D :D
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Postby msvette2u » May 9th, 2006, 1:35 pm

:rolleyes2: What a maroon, what an ignoranimus!!!!

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.
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Postby Purple » May 9th, 2006, 9:33 pm

And isn't Nala hard of hearing? How safe would it be, for a deaf dog, to be able to run free? Thank you, Kaye, for your high, but practical, standards!
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Postby huskyhouse » May 9th, 2006, 11:13 pm

Kaye, I commend you, you have the patience of a saint :) , I highly doubt I would have been half as nice in my reply :twisted: .
Reminds me of the woman who applied not once, but twice, for a Siberian from us, she was declined the first time because she allows her Husky off lead in MIDTOWN MANHATTAN :shock: . She thought that was acceptable because her dog was sooo special and so well trained (it wasn't, he took off in Central Park once for 8 hours) and she was a doctor and yada, yada, yada.

She had the cojones to say the same thing on application #2 several months later.

I finally emailed her "What part of NO are you having a problem with?"
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Postby mnp13 » May 11th, 2006, 10:21 am

Not a snowball's chance...

what a wack job.

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