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Postby bustersmama » May 9th, 2006, 12:38 pm

A short update -

I went to the shelter today to pull Pumpkin and take her to a boarding facility for a few weeks. It's close to my home where I will be able to spend a few hours with her a day. This little dog is awesome. She is full of wiggles and kisses! She started chewing on my truck on the way back to GA, but a firm "No." stopped her and she then proceeded to roll over on her belly for some rubbing. My arm fell asleep like 3 times from driving and trying to conduct a thorough belly rub!

The population at the shelter has definately went down since the last time I was there (last weekend). Today is the day that they will start the euthanasia, but I think it will be far less dogs then anticipated.

This poor girl was brought in yesterday. We initially thought her jaw was broken, but she ate a meal early this AM. Looks like she was bred non-stop for many years. She will be PTS today, as she appears to be in a great deal of pain - although that didnt stop her tail at well when I went by her pen to say hi.


It seems there is efforts being made to hire new "management" at the shelter - so hopefully this will prevent it from closing any time soon.

Thanks for the PM's and to all who donated for Pumpkin.
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