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Postby katiek0417 » April 20th, 2009, 10:03 am

This BLOWS my mind... :cuss: Michelle, I know that you and I have spoken at length about SPBR and Eric...and while I don't know him, I think less and less of him every time I hear anything about him.

Michelle, good work in "outing" him, and yes, I think spreading the word is very important!!!
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Postby bunnyfoofoo » May 11th, 2009, 8:17 am

One fact that I am not sure everyone is aware of is that Eric got Zeus along with his pregnant mate Jade for free off Craigslist in Watertown, NY, via forum member Julie W. The owners wanted to give them away and we all know why he wanted a pregnant pit bull, but they needed to go as a pair.

SPBR has been getting a lot of dogs from Craigslist, either getting them for free or buying the puppies outright, "so they don't fall into the wrong hands" which, I think, is just a matter of opinion.

But these are two facts, not opinions, related to SPBR.
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Postby Judy » May 14th, 2009, 7:30 pm

This is all so very sad. It was disappointing to find out what I didn't know about this rescue. I didn't adopt a dog from them but was on the forum for a while many years ago and one day I got so fed up I left for good. Thing is, I really believed in them in the beginning. I think that's what ends up happening to so many people. And it's soooo sad. :(
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Postby GloriasMom » June 7th, 2009, 7:13 am

I'm on page 3 and can't read any more. Eric sells dogs, he has sick dogs, mean dogs, lies to people, is under investigation for cruelty charges that he keeps slipping out of because he is a lawyer. I don't know how he stays in business...but in CT we have the SPCA of CT who does the same thing. Fred Acker is a warehouse/collector who brings in dogs and sells them. He has the same wacko band of "believers" who think he can do no wrong and the dogs suffer for it. I think there must be tons of these "rescues" out there.

I got my Gloria from an ad on SPBR's page -- but NOT from Eric! I used to be a member back when there were some sane people on the boards, but I watched it slide into craziness where favored members were allowed to attack others. Finally a woman was given a dog to foster who was supposed to get along with cats. The first thing he did was murder her cat in front of her. Eric's solution to her dismay was to ban her from the board so she couldn't tell anyone. That created a backlash of people posting the truth and the board undergoing an upheaval as people were banned and left in droves. I'm sorry to see he's got a whole new bunch of groupies and is still overloading on dogs with no clue how to care for them. He's got lots of money, why can't he spend a few dollars to clean the puppies up? Answer -- because he's a greedy bastard!

As for the Pet Expos we go every year with my beagle/pointer mix Cassie. The minute we turn the corner she knows where we are and just starts to laugh. It is her delight and she spends the day having a ball. She's a social butterfly and really really likes other dogs and is very forgiving of bad behavior. Mostly I've seen pretty good handling of potential problem dogs, but most people walk on a loose leash. Fortunately these dogs are harmless and just want to make friends.

The only abuse I've seen I took care of. The AKC thought it would be good to bring in a field beagle to show the difference. She was soooo terrified. I sat with her for awhile and when it became obvious that her pompous owner kept her only for hunting, that she wasn't socialized at all and he didn't care I had him thrown out and told to take her back home. My husband and I stood there and stared at him until he left mad as hell. I pray he didn't take it out on that scared little dog. This past year they didn't have a field beagle. Most of the dogs seem to have fun and the rescues take applications -- they don't sell the puppies on the spot. At least none I've talked to do.

As for Eric - I hope he rots in Hell!

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Postby Dog_Shrink » September 17th, 2009, 4:12 pm

I was fortunate enough to miss the mess at the expo but WAS a member of the spbr forum when it occured. The chatter there was disheartening to say the least. The excuses they made up for the filty pups and the incident with the other little dog that got bit was just horrible. Needless to say I got banned from their forum for airing my disgust with how the expo went, but recently have been able to get back on under a new user name. Same crap different day there... same members kissing Eric's butt and thinking he's God. The thing I got banned for was calling Eric out when a pup developed Parvo and died and he didn't even know which pup it was until he scanned all the pups at the house. That in my opinion is just OVERLOADED. I also agree that he needs to get busted for his crating 24/7 as well as the filthy conditions. He needs to STOP spending money on making his house all pretty and put some into the dogs and their fosters. I can't believe he makes them pay for EVERYTHING esp. when he charges $300 for a dog... that's just rediculas. Rescues should support their fosters both financially and emotionally. Is SPBR even a 501(c)3??? :mad2:
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Postby DeeNtheChillas » September 20th, 2009, 8:55 pm

Dog_Shrink, are you who I think you are? Send me a PM. I was so mad that they banned you.
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Postby mnp13 » September 20th, 2009, 10:51 pm

Hey guys, I'm glad you're having a reunion, but we're gonna lock this for now. If anyone has any info to add to this thread please let a staff member know and we'll open it up again.

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