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Postby Malorey » November 2nd, 2008, 1:50 pm

I don't think I have introduced you to her. Well, this is Courage. See, my grandma for about 4 years has fed the squirrels peanuts. Starting with the 1st one coming, Charlie. Well, now she has a group of about 15 that come all the time, and have just started seeing a black squirrel come. I always wanted to be able to have one take a peanut out of my hand. Lol. Well, Courage was the 1st to do that. When I first met Courage she was wary, but still she took it out of my hand all the time. She also had been missing the tip of her tail, so she has always been easy to pick out as it has never grown back. Then one night I was out there for about 2 hours freezing my butt of feeding her, and that night was the first time she actually seemed to plow on me! xD She came, climbed up my leg, and ripped the peanut out of my hand, and ate it on my lap. Lol, I think I told everyone for about 1 month! xD Though, since my grandma has been in the hospital since July, I haven't been to her house much, and Courage and I have, well, I guess you could saw drifted away, eh, but my grandma will be coming home in a couple weeks, so I will be there all the time to take care of her, and the squirrels! LOL.


These are the newest pictures I have. From the 2nd you may be able to tell she isn't as tame anymore, as she was doing the crawl alot of them do. As if to make sure they are able to bolt off really fast.
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Postby iluvk9 » November 2nd, 2008, 3:33 pm

That is so cute! I hope your Grandmother is okay and can get her squirrel friends back!
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