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Postby Moe » February 18th, 2008, 9:32 pm

On February 11 2008, 9:22 PM, msvette2u wrote:Trying to tempt Joyce:

What is it about tiny dogs that inspire you to coo and pick out cute clothing??


She looks like a movie star here!

Should I sign my autograph "Love, Gracie...??"

On a sadder note - Gracie had a grand mal seizure yesterday - we're working with our vet to figure out why she had it and if there's anything "fixable" about them.
She hasn't had one since but one was bad enough :(

She is sweeter then PIE :shock: Ok I have to know..
1.Did you find out about her seizure?
2.Where did you get that sweet little pink coat?
3.Do they make it in bigger sizes? Molly & Emma would look smashing in that coat :mrgreen:
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Postby msvette2u » February 19th, 2008, 12:19 pm

1) she's at the vet clinic now, having tests to see how her liver is, they suspect liver shunt. I think it's hydrocephalus, myself :(

2) Walmart - not sure what sizes they come in but I have one slightly larger we bought for Susie (now "Z" the Dachshund) and we called her "Susie the Floosy" lol
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