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Postby dogged » January 26th, 2007, 10:27 am

This discussion came up during training at my local ASR club:

Say you wanted to purchase a working prospect (puppy). You have two options.

Breeder A: Shows his/her dogs, does some compeditive obedience and health checks. Breeder A does not work his/her dog in bitesports, but the current dogs have good temperament and the breeder does everything "ethical." Drive varies and is not pivotal in the breeding program.

Breeder B: Doesn't show his/her dogs, doesn't health test. Breeder B does take good care of his/her dogs, works them hard and focuses on breeding for drive and temperament yet has less than ethical practices (may breed more often than Breeder A, doesn't health test, doesn't screen applicants heavily, etc).

So what is the lesser of the two "evils"? Do you take a risk with Breeder A's dog to support more ethical breeding, but possibly not get a sport prospect? Or do to get a dog from Breeder B, have a much higher chance of obtain a sport prospect and yet you support less than ethical breeding? What is your reasoning beind your choice?

I thought it made for a really interesting discussion. We probably would have never stopped talking if the group didn't have to "shut up and train."
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Postby SisMorphine » January 26th, 2007, 10:35 am

Frankly out of either litter you have the chance to get dogs who aren't working quality.

There are ways to test pups for workability. As I prefer to go the ethical way first, I would test out A's pups and if there is one there that looks good go with that.

As far as breeder B goes, there are many working dog people who believe that their own way of health testing dogs (ie: working them) is enough because they would see problems while working the dogs. Many I know also don't show in conformation because it's just a beauty competition and they want to focus more on work with their dogs that demands skill (form follows function after all). Provided that they are not breeding for money (giving many away to good working homes instead of charging people) I wouldn't be too worried about it. Though I will never understand what's so difficult about just doing the health testing just so you can say you did, you know? :|
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