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Postby katiek0417 » March 30th, 2008, 10:35 pm

Well, I'm back from the first PSA trial of the season. I have lots of pics and video, but Michelle told me a few people had asked her how I did, so I wanted to post, and I'll get up some video and pics in the next few days.

I changed my "schedule" around a bit, so on Saturday:

I showed Cy in the 1's (as I said in another post, he is a level 2 titled dog, however the PSA directors were allowing me to show him in the 1's for my benefit and handling experience).
I showed Nisha in the PDC's.
Greg showed Asja in the 2's.

Well, we'll start with Greg. Greg got mostly through the Level 2 obedience routine, then she was on her last leg of it (she was nearly done) and she decided to bite. That's not allowed, so she scored a 0 in obedience. Being that the 2's and 3's are done "tournament" style, he decided to go on to bitework. Unfortunately, Asja was ON CRACK. She wouldn't he 0'd on an exercise, and just didn't do so well.

Now, Nisha. When we first got there, I brought Nisha out for obedience, and these stupid people were playing with their dog on the field right next to the one where I had to show. The way the place was set up, there was a huge area that the host designated as a "break" area, then up a large hill was a huge flat grassy area where we trialed. Well, I got Nisha out, and we had to wait a couple of seconds while they got the gun ready. As we were waiting, these people (other competitors) were playing ball with their dog. Well, Nisha lit up and started wanted to go for the dog (she's a bit DA)...Luckily, the judge told me to put her back in the car, and he would allow me to bring her back out last. Before heading back, Greg told me to "wear her out" over her actions. Well, we had a little "discussion" regarding her behavior, and I was sure she'd do better when I brought her back out. And I was right. Nisha didn't do bad with heeling, but she anticipated many things (including the re-sit in the Figure 8, the recall to heel from behind at the beginning, and even ran to judge at one point to say hi - luckily she's social). Well, I needed a 56.25 to go on to bitework, and she scored a 50. Not bad, and Greg said we would work on some of her issues at the end of the day (which we did), and I would show her again on Sunday (more on that fiasco further down).

Now, Cy in the 1's. He had a FLAWLESS routine. Lamont (one of the judges) went around telling people that I had the best routine of the day, and that was how the 1's were supposed to look). He did just as nicely on the protection, and even outed (I was worried that he wouldn't out). So, i decided to move him to the 2's for Sunday. Don't worry, I WILL post the video of our routines.

Well, Sunday comes around. They did the 2's first, which meant that Cy would be up. We had our registration sheet in early, so we got to go last. The first person went, and passed with a 75. The obedience was, overall, rather easy (video to come), but there were certain things he didn't do. There was a double jump at the beginning, and I was supposed to send him over both jumps from the start cone. He went over the first jump and downed. I had to then go up to him and send him over the 2nd jump. So I lost a lot of points there. Then, he blew the food refusal (they used cheese, and he decided he needed more calcium in his diet). Then we get to the retrieve. Cy has a gorgeous retrieve. However, the field was strewn with HIS toys (kongs, balls, etc). Well, I threw the retrieval object (copper pipe), and he went, picked it up, was on his way back to me, then dropped it and picked up a ball. I threw the pipe a second time, he went out picked it up, then dropped it for a latex toy. I wanted to kill him. However, I got complimented on how nicely we worked together, and how I really kept my head together (very much unlike how I did with TJ last year). I didn't pass, but I did get a 63. So, we were going on to bitework.

The first scenario was a modified attack on handler at car scenario. I had to put Cy in a stay in the car, then move behind the open hood. One decoy ran out from hiding and ran past me; Cy was to stay in the car (he didn't, and I lost 20 points for that; however, I kept him from biting the wrong decoy, so I didn't 0). Then, a 2nd decoy was to come out, and come over to me talking loudly and shake my hand at which time the 1st decoy was going to attack me from behind. At that point, Cy could bite the decoy attacking me but NOT the decoy closest to him (the one shaking my hand). I pushed the decoy shaking my hand out of the way, to make sure he bit the right decoy.

Second scenario was the call-off. Cy blew the stay on the call-off, but I stopped him so he didn't start the scenario. Well, I sent him, he headed down field, and I was so sure he wasn't going to call off. I yelled "No, Cy, AuPied." Well, the pictures (I'll post) show him turning around right in front of the decoy. He came back for the return bite...The judge told me that I called him off too early during his critique, so he took off major points, but several spectators stuck up for me that I didn't call him until he was almost as the extra points cone, so he ended up giving me my full points).

Third scenario was the fend-it-off. He was attacked with water, and was a little thrown off by it, then had trouble getting into the bite. He finally got in, but I had to give him 2 commands to out.

Finally, the 2-man attack. Cy did it really nicely, but got dirty on the 2nd transport towards the fleeing decoy. And it took 2 commands to out on all 3 bites (darn dog).

The good news is that the one person who passed obedience did so poorly on bitework that Cy and I ended up taking 1st place in the Level 2's on Sunday!!!

Then came Sacha, who I was showing in the TC (obedience). Well, she decided that she had absolutely no training, and must've thought we were doing Schutzhund rather than PSA obedience, because she started tracking. it was UGLY. Greg, in fact, said that even he wanted to come over and kick her in the head.

Finally, Nisha. I was already down about Sacha, and I'm sure it travelled down the leash, because while everyone told me that Nisha didn't look bad, I thought she looked just plain awful. She didn't sit when I stopped in the figure 8, I felt like she kept looking for Greg. She even came out with her tail between her legs a bit. I ended up pulling her, even though I probably would've passed had I let her finish up...

Anyway, I'll get some pics and video up in the next few days so everyone can see!!!
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Postby madremissy » March 30th, 2008, 11:01 pm

Katrina, It sounds to me that yall did great. :highfive: I can't wait for the pics and video.
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Postby pocketpit » March 31st, 2008, 9:00 am

Competition with that many dogs in one weekend has got to be horribly stressful :shock: You're brave lady!
Can't wait to see the photos and video.
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Postby pitbullmamaliz » March 31st, 2008, 11:03 am

Wow! What a crazy busy weekend! Congrats with Cy! Can't wait to see all the pics/vids!!!
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