Danish Wiking...

Please tell us about yourself! You will not be able to post on the rest of the board until you have posted here

Postby CHINADOG » September 17th, 2006, 3:03 pm

Just a danish wiking with big interest in pitbulls...

Nice being here.. :D

Postby Marinepits » September 17th, 2006, 3:39 pm

Welcome, Chinadog! Please tell us more about yourself. If you need ideas for your introduction, you can refer here:

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Postby CHINADOG » September 18th, 2006, 4:38 am

Well ok let me see

Im a danish guy living in poland where i do some buisness, i have 2 females chinaman blood, then i have a rottweiler male who is a good buddy too my 2 females.
Hmm no kids...shoe size?hehe well never mind, yes i like pizza specially on sundays.

Im into sports with my pits there are a lot of activitys here in poland, and here there are no bsl
My name is Marc...

And i think thats it..i hope i will get acces even without giving my shoe size... :D

By the way im trying my best to spell correct...

Postby PBT Staff » September 18th, 2006, 7:19 am

PBT Staff

Postby pitbullmamaliz » September 20th, 2006, 12:24 pm

Welcome! :wave:
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Postby karma » September 20th, 2006, 1:02 pm

Welcome and i hope you learn much and get the chance to use what you learn.
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